Published on September 4th, 2019

Worn-Tin is the nom de plume of Warner Hiatt; a misrepresentation of Mr. Hiatt’s name. According to his bio he’s 21 years of age, he likes video games and his friend’s name is Burt. He also plays surfy garage rock with a bunch of like minds in Santa Monica. He has a reputation for wild shows, catchy tunes and being an all around good time. If you’re surrounded by chaos, hijinks, shenanigans and dreamy tunes, you may have found yourself at a Worn-Tin show. 

You have a reputation for spontaneous chaos at your shows, how does that part of your personality inform your music, if at all?

The music is the honest, emotional little baby that grows inside my belly. I always wanted to be a clown, I even reached for clown college at one point. I’m very inspired by the intense dichotomy of the dynamics in my life; loud and soft. I then like to take that and leave it all on the stage, I also know that a concert can be expensive, when I was young I’d go to shows all the time and that Sh*t adds up. If you come to my show, I’m gonna give you a run for your money;) 

Cycles is an album dealing with “obsession,” what is your current obsession and how does that affect your song writing/if at all? To clarify, do you fixate on things until you can “exorcise” the demons of that obsession, or is the process more esoteric than that?  

Currently I’m facing a big distraction, and thats the colors, the lights and the noise. There are so many ads everywhere. So much technology and everyone is afraid to admit that its too much and that we’re addicted. I wrestle everyday with my phone. We’re losing out on the beauty in the world, we’re just killing time. 

I find myself getting distracted. 

Also during the writing of this record I realized I’ve been poisoned with the idea of a domesticity. I’m a love addict, I feel I have been brainwashed. I feel I constantly catch myself daydreaming of a life partner, when all I want to do is be alone. Why would a 24 year old boy be dreaming about a wife, kids and a dog living happily in a cabin outside of city life? 

I must add it’s important to realize that not all obsessions or passions are bad, it’s how you deal with it that makes it dangerous. 

What’s your favorite part of making music? The making or the doing (live shows)? Why?

Truly being alone with not a care in the world making whatever the hell is kicking in your mind. When you can let go of everything outside and just dance around and sing like a kid on christmas, there is no better feeling. It’s important to write for yourself, what you would wanna hear… the music you like! I really like recording, it took me a while to realize this but my songs have been letters to previous lovers, well… kind of. I love the live shows don’t get me wrong but there is something so therapeutic about letting go in a room alone and let your idea take the wheel.

Who was the first artist/person to inspire you to be creative, in any capacity?

This is a tough one cause everyone inspires me. My friends inspire me, Lovers inspire me, Hell the mailman inspires me. I get inspired from shows, dreams, and strangers. I’m not sure who the first was, but I will say there is a musician that first started my “Worn-Tin” journey. There was also a girl who helped me organize the way I was feeling, she was not qualified to take on my incredibly huge and confusing baggage but I really thank her for what she had done for me. Musically… Kelley Stoltz. He’s a musician from San Francisco who writes beautiful songs. His album “Below the Branches” really inspired me, especially in the way I record. It was after that album I bought my first upright and started writing songs.  

You can have coffee, dinner and drinks with any three people in history, who do you hang with for each and why?

Wow what a huge range. IN HISTORY, that could be anyone!!! I have to set some boundaries cause wouldn’t everyone be like… Jesus, Thomas Edison and Clay Aiken? I’m gonna go with people that are alive today. I’m gonna do a similar thing to the high school game “Fuck, Marry, Kill” but instead Coffee, Dinner Drinks cause we all know dinner with someone is a different vibe than if your getting drinks with them. Coffee with Ariel Pink. I’m a huge fan and would love to break down his recording process if he would be down to discuss. Dinner would be with Randy Newman. First off, I’m sure this guy knows where to get a delicious ruben in this town. 2nd, he is an absolute Genius and I would love to chat about his first record and get to the bottom of who the hell was “Davy the Fat boy.” Drinks would be with my celebrity crush Rashida Jones (Daughter of musical legend Quincy Jones). Smart, Elegant, and Stunning, she is so amazing, I think she is such an inspiration for young girls and boys to look up to. I would love to chat about her recent Netflix special “Hot Girls Wanted” and of course hear stories of what it was like on Parks & Rec, Sorry but I am quite a fan of that show. 

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