Published on March 30th, 2013


Dean Wareham – “Mountains of the Moon”

Faux Ferocious – “Big Kahuna” Official Video FEBRUARY 8 AT VOLTAIRE

The Mercury Program on August 13, 2015 at The Social, Orlando, FL

Hypoluxo – “Sometimes”

Champagne Superchillin’ – “Mon Loup”

Las Rosas – “Boys”

Gift Wrap – “Losing Count”

Lee Scratch Perry – The Genius That Launched Bob Marley Pioneers New Sounds in the Digital Age


Shana Falana – “Cool Kids”
of Montreal w Christina Schneider’s Genius Grant and Dead and Loving It December 9 at Respectable Street

Shana Falana – “Cool Kids”
Shana Falana w Lindsey Mills and the Lazy Lovers and Turtle Grenade at Voltaire November 9

Set and Setting – “Saudade”
Set and Setting w. ThisQuietArmy, Wilkes Oswald at Voltaire Oct 17

Sound of Ceres – “Humaniora”
Sound of Ceres perform Oct 2 at Voltaire w. Breathers and Turtle Grenade

PLEASURES – “Luscious Wave”

YC-CY – “Hornisse”

Froth – “Shut the Windows”

Grey & Orange – “Goldman”

Guerilla Toss – “The String Game”

PEARS – “Green Star” Live at Little Elephant

Casket Girls – Heartless

Tingy Thick – Way Too Casual

Raggy Monster – Fool’s Gold

B Boys – Energy

Froth – Lost My Mind

Surfer Blood – Six Flags in F or G

Pearl Earl – Karaoke Superstar

The Proper Ornaments – Memories

Hypoluxo – Fronts

Eureka California – Happy Again

Similar Prisoners – 1000 Goodbyes

Surfer Blood – Matter of Time

Lindsey Mills – Saggy Capricorn

B Boys – Psycho

Kikagaku Moyo/幾何学模様 – Kodama

Chaucer play Bumblefest Sep17, 2016 in the Hullabaloo Garden. Recorded by Liam Milano.

Pocket of Lollipops play Bumblefest Sep17, 2016 in the Hullabaloo Garden. Recorded by Liam Milano.

Lindsey Mills and the Lazy Lovers play Bumblefest Sep17, 2016 in the Hullabaloo Garden. Recorded by Liam Milano.

The Dewars play Bumblefest Sep17, 2016 in the Hullabaloo Garden. Recorded by Liam Milano.


Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes – “Audio Junkie Episode 2/2”

Heavy Drag – Kinda Slow

Chaucer – Icy World

Tiny Fireflies – Ghost

Pearl Charles – Phases

Que Lastima feat. Sophie Sputnik – Poison

Johnny Raincloud – Indian Giver

The Stargazer Lilies – When With You

The Heligoats – Drai Zich

Broncho – Fantasy Boys

Silversun Pickups – Circadian Rhythm (Last Dance)

Thelma & the Sleaze – ‘Blackcat’

Adult Books – ‘Suburban Girlfriend’

David Bowie – ‘Blackstar’
RIP born David Robert Jones; 8 January 1947 – 10 January 2016)

Waxahatchee – ‘La Loose’

The Album Leaf – ‘New Soul’

BOYTOY – ‘Blazed’
Live at Propaganda with Chaucer, Kremlin and Suede Dudes on Friday, October 16

Go!Zilla – ‘Looking in the Mirror’
All the way from Italy… catch them Sunday, October 11 at ARToberFest in Lake Worth

AJ Dávila y Terror Amor | Freim TV Sessions | S02 02
Catch them LIVE Sept 12 for PureHoney Magazine’s 4 Year Anniversary Jam at Respectable Street with John Ralston, Cog Nomen, Chaucer, Kremlin, Milk Spot, Pocket of Lollipops and Sweet Bronco.

Que Lastima – ‘Mr. and Mrs. Beelzebub’

Sealion – See them on Saturday, July 24 at Vintage Tap w. Party Static, Milk Spot and The Riot Act

Happy Accidents – ‘Live from The Wormhole

Circle Jerks – ‘Parade of the Horribles’

The Dewars – ‘Sucker For Your Hometown’

Surfer Blood – ‘I Can’t Explain’ | Directed by Ates Isildak aka StrangeWave

SOKO – ‘Bad Poetry’ Live at Propaganda 10/17/14 PureHoney TV

Turbo Fruits – ‘Don’t Let Me Break Your Heart Again’

Cobalt Cranes – ‘Flowers On Your Grave’

Corners – ‘Caught in Frustration’ (Live at Moon Block Party 2014) #JAMINTHEVAN

SOKO – ‘Ocean of Tears’

Sur Back – ‘Jane Eyre’

the Band in Heaven – ‘The Boys of Summer of Sam’

The Entrance Band – ‘No Needs’

The Vaselines – ‘Crazy Lady’

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – ‘Satan Speeds Up’

Gringo Star – ‘World of Spin’

Rachel Goodrich & The Grrrls – ‘MonstA Mash’

The Vickers – ‘She’s Lost’

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – ‘Cellophane’ [3D CLIP]

Die Alps – ‘Walking’

Froth – ‘Saccharine Sunshine’
SEE FROTH SEP 13 at Respectable Street!

Roadkill Ghost Choir – ‘Bird in My Window’ FREE SHOW AUGUST 29, 2014 at Respectable Street! | RSVP

Harry Merry – ‘The Sky-Fun Reels And Angelica Kneels’

Veronica Falls – ‘My Heart Beats’

Weeknight – ‘Honey’ (My Heart Still Knows Which Way To Go)

Orange Alabaster Mushroom – ‘Your Face Is In My Mind’

Veda Rays – ‘Wait for Teeth to Show’

Symbols – ‘Death Valley (not 69)’

Wake Up – ‘Forever Home’

Gap Dream – ‘Chill Spot’

Thee Oh Sees – ‘The Lens’

Japanther – ‘Something To Do’

Coma Cinema – ‘Dead Moon’ (Noel Thrasher cover)

Boys Noize feat. Snoop Dogg – ‘Got It’
Directed by Autumn Casey, additional set assistance by Kelly Williams!

Neutral Milk Hotel – ‘Oh Comely’ (Live at Covered Dish, Gainesville – June 27, 1998)

DEATH – ‘I. Keep On Knocking’ (Live at Check Yo Ponytail)

LOAD – ‘Snake Eyes’

Sam Friend – ‘Laer’

The Echo Friendly – ‘Same Mistakes’

Radical Face – ‘Holy Branches’

The Band in Heaven – ‘Music Television’

Dean Wareham – ‘Love is Colder than Death’

LOAD – Live at LiveStock 1992

Pocket of Lollipops – ‘Open Pirate’ Animation by Christopher Ian Macfarlane

SoKo – ‘Destruction of the Disgusting Ugly Hate’

Elliott Smith – ‘Say Yes’ 9.19.03

Peelander-Z – ‘So Many Mike’
October 22, 2013 w. Daikaiju, The Toilets, The Muggles at Propaganda – RSVP

Joanna Gruesome – ‘Sugarcrush’

Flashlights – ‘Choking’
October 4, 2013 w. The So So Glos, Birthday Candles, Smith Sundy at Propaganda – RSVP

The So So Glos – ‘My Block’
October 4, 2013 w. Flashlights, Birthday Candles, Smith Sundy at Propaganda – RSVP

Tunabunny – ‘You Do What You Want’

Carnivores – ‘Loom’

The Band in Heaven – ‘Fairweather Friends’

Soko – ‘Monster Love/I Just Want To Make It New With You’

Heaven 17 – ‘We Don’t Need No Fascist Groove Thing’

Janes Addiction – ‘Classic Girl’ Live 1991 Lollapalooza

Cobalt Cranes – ‘Indigo’

Crystal Stilts – ‘Star Crawl’

Pink Mexico – ‘Seabird’

The Exploited – ‘Let’s Start A War’

PureHoney 24 – ‘Making of the Two Year Issue’

The Band in Heaven – ‘Dandelion Wine’

The Dewars – ‘Switzerland’

The Saturday Giant – ‘Times (They Are Up)’

T. Hardy Morris – ‘Hardstuff’

Death Jam – ‘808orDIE’ (feat. DJ Jock D)

Galaxie 500 – ‘Fourth of July’

Kevin Barnes (pre-Of Montreal) – ‘Dirty Dustin Hoffman Needs A Bath’ 1995

Heaven – ‘Colors in the Whites of Your Eyes’

Creepoid – ‘Grave Blanket’

RIP Bobby Blue Bland – ‘Members Only’

Built to Spill – ‘Done’ (Live from Edmonton)

The Octopus Project – ‘Whitby’

Cop City Chill Pillars – The Fillmore Miami Backstage

Boards of Canada – ‘Reach for the Dead’ (from Tomorrow’s Harvest) by Neil Krug

Jane Jane Pollock – Local 662, Antiwarpt Music Festival 3

Adam & The Ants – ‘Kings of the Wild Frontier’

Ghost Animal – ‘In Your Room’

Radical Face – ‘We’re On Our Way’

Radar vs Wolf – ‘Broken Throne’

Gravenhurst – ‘Trust’

Dusted – ‘Bruises’

Dead Confederate – ‘Vacations’

Girls Names – ‘Hypnotic Regression’

Birkwin Jersey – ‘Angular Danson’

La Sera – ‘Break My Heart’

Crocodiles – ‘Goats of Love’

Kids on a Crime Spree – ‘Creep the Creeps’

Thee Oh Sees – ‘Toe Cutter – Thumb Buster’

Surfer Blood – ‘Demon Dance’

The Veda Rays – ‘Better The Devil’ w. special guest Scott Hardkiss RIP 2013

Coma Cinema – ‘Flower Pills’

Small Factory – ‘For When You Cannot Land’ @ Cake Shop, NYC

Postface – ‘Two Way Fish Food’ @ Churchill’s Pub, Miami