The So So Glos & Flashlights

Published on August 25th, 2013


Regardless of what flavor of the week the kids are currently bashing into the ground, there will always be a place for catchy, hook laden indie-rock. Every generation to come since the advent of more melodic punk groups such as The Replacements boasts its own flavor of bands to refine the style and provide the infectious anthems that will someday be the sound of nostalgia. Whether it be Guided By Voices, Superchunk or Hey Mercedes, the umbrella of indie-rock provides a wide enough genre pocket that its inhabitants bring something for everyone.

Two of the current rising stars of the form, Orlando’s Flashlights and Brooklyn’s the So So Glos, will be making there way to South Florida in early October to introduce us to their respective takes on the genre.

Flashlights is a four piece that came together through a mutual love of cats, Pokemon, and ear worm choruses. The band checks ‘90s indie-rock heroes Archers of Loaf and the almighty Superchunk as influences, but their sound is entirely their own, artfully managing to be lighthearted and melodic without the immaturity that plagues the lion’s share of pop-punk. The band will be releasing a debut album on Hard Rock Records and will be performing at the CMJ Festival in New York this fall, making them a band to keep a close eye on. For now, Flashlight’s digital EP, entitled Don’t Take Me Seriously, should give an idea of what to expect from a Flashlight’s show.

the so so glos

The So So Glos

The Brooklyn-bred So So Glos carve a sound harder to pin to an era of influence than that of their tour mates. However, if you threw the jangle of surf rock in a blender with the karrang and political consciousness of the Clash and finished it with a touch of Brit rock swagger, you would find yourself close to the mark. The So So Glos self-released 2013 full length, Blowout, displays a band that has made a distinct voice for itself that is as catchy as it is somehow familiar. The band’s songs are a raucous good time across the board, however the deeper messages that lurk beneath the surface separates what the So So Glos do from the high school love songs and self-reference that occupies the current crop of melodic punk bands.

The tour rolls through Propaganda in Lake Worth on October 10 with guests Birthday Candles and Smith Sundy and promises to be a great time for anyone with a taste for the brighter side of indie. 18+. $7 till 10pm, $10 after 10pm.

~ David Von Bader