Stay Tooned

Published on March 5th, 2014

american sweatshop, stay toonedLet’s party the American Sweatshop way. This Fort Lauderdale-based artist collective –illustrators, filmmakers and musicians– sprung up 2 years ago in hopes to showcase underrepresented art. Paul, Adam and Greg of the group are even working as concept artists for a few new apps being released in the months to come.

Stay Tooned is the group’s next art show featuring a nod to cartoon galore. The exhibition name is a play on words from the 1990s era when television hosts used to say, “Stay tuned,” alerting audiences that it was time to break for commercials.

The two-day show will be held at the recently opened Studio 259 in Deerfield Beach. Participating artists include Albert Lichi, Shane Watt, Christopher Ian MacFarlane, Renda Writer, Gregory N. Dirr, Devon Saccomanno and Paul Mcenery.

The venue consists of three rooms and a garage next door. Each room will showcase a collection of works. Accompanying what is on display, attendees will also view hand-drawn cartoons, large enough to take a life-sized form. American Sweatshop is well known for its fine and quick live illustrations.

At most parties, the fun doesn’t begin until you soak up the room and mingle. Not this shindig. Expect a “shot-gun blast effect” when entering the doorways at Studio 259. Hey now, first impressions count big time. You’ll just have to see for yourself what zany tricks are up these guys’ sleeves.

Music fans can get their fill of high-intensity sounds. Bands Montage, Milk Spot and Suns of the Morning Star are on the bill. Live music performances will be held in the warehouse’s garage with a bit of a twist. To elevate the listening experience, the bands will play in the loft above the audience. Heyyy, now.

The real treat is the blacklight art room where live-illustration art will engulf the walls with a mystical glow. Here, DJ OswaldoFuture will provide sincerely mood-altering tunes.

Anyone who dresses up in a wild and over-the-top costume gets in free… especially those clad as bunny rabbits, aliens and Santa Claus. Food and beverages will also be served. You’re in for a fantastical time!

Keep an eye out for an upcoming issue of PureHoney which will feature an American Sweatshop poster! Sneak peek below…


Stay Tooned runs 6:30pm to 2am April 4 & 5 at Studio 259, located at 259 Goolsby Blvd., in Deerfield Beach. Call 561-305-7566. Entry is $5 or FREE with over the top costume.   |   RSVP

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~Andrea Richard