Rolando Chang Barrero

Published on December 8th, 2014

There are galleries that play it on the safe side, displaying a lot of similar styles of work, and then there are galleries that break boundaries of thinking and creating. Artist Rolando Barrero introduces a new concept for a gallery that is non-traditional explaining that, “I want to push the envelope with art that people don’t experience everyday.” Located right in the heart of downtown Lake Worth at 711 Lucerne Ave is the Rolando Chang Barrero Gallery. This is Barrero’s third gallery opening following his ActivistArtistA Gallery in Boynton Beach, and Level Gallery in Miami.

A ribbon cutting ceremony took place for the official opening of Barrero’s gallery on November 21st. The gallery houses an outstanding collection of work ranging with everything from couture dresses to “upcycled” painted Whole Foods bags. It is an awakening experience to walk into an exhibition showcasing art that brings forth a new gallery aesthetic. The facility features a variety of artists whom Barrero describes as “The best of West Palm Beach and Miami.” Some of the artists include Carlos Alves, Nazare Feliciano, Amanda Johnson, Erin Fromkes, and fashion designers Aidana Baldassarre and Juan Erman Gonzalez.

After meeting with Rolando Barrero in person, I was inspired by his dedicated talent and effervescent personality. For one, Barrero has four jobs: as a galleriest, art therapist, studio artist, and full time art promoter. He has tremendous focus and is heavily involved in South Florida’s art scene, especially with Art Synergy. Craig McInnis and Barrero are the founders of the organization Art Synergy, and through this ongoing project they are able to promote the talents of local artists within the community.

When I asked Barrero how he has seen the art community evolve he responded, “It is cyclical. Right now we are leaning away from this idea of ‘sugar skulls’ and as our economy gets better the greater the demand for higher end art.” Things are taking shape for the art community in Lake Worth. If you were not able to get in on all the action at the opening ceremony, please do yourself a favor and go now!  Do not miss out on visiting a gallery that is an outstanding addition to our arts community.

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~Brittany Curtis