Published on December 21st, 2022


COVER ART (L): Our spooky home. 8.5 x 11 inch colored pencil drawing. CLICK TO ENLARGE

POSTER ART (R): A couple and their cat, facing away from the burning house. 8.5 x 11 colored pencil drawing. CLICK TO ENLARGE

It’s a gathering of sorts.

Mina’s old car brings back some happy memories. I remember learning to drive it in a cemetery and feeling so cool. Back when cars were boats.

Love and Death with their beloved dogs. Happy International Women’s Day. A nod to Louise Bourgeois to celebrate.

How to fall in love.

Wild flirting. The cat seems unimpressed.

A meeting under the full moon, a pot of nosey flowers as witness.

Siblings with hell dog. I am an only child so I have all kinds of unscientific feelings about what it means to have a sibling. I’d like to imagine if I had some, we would take pictures together wearing matching jackets and striped pants.

A real moon being visiting with their favorite associates on earth.

A family history in the mountains under the moon. A deer and a house spirit are near.

Family is on my mind tonight. My parents and their parents and so on.

Listening to the news of the day and feeling heartbroken and angry.


I used to wish I had a twin, maybe I still do? Wizard twins and a giant Manx cat are loitering in front of an old church while a very powerful woman has lightning coming out of her hands.

Pink Mountains, Steev and LunaMiro