RedEYE Reboot

Published on June 22nd, 2014

RedEYE Reboot

Corey Bost performing at red eye : Image credit Kara Starzyk

Corey Bost performing at RedEYE
Credit: Kara Starzyk

Raw energy, creative madness, and a showcase of street art are underway for the forthcoming RedEYE. Now in its ninth year, the artsy shindig continues the crazed multimedia extravaganza with a fresh format. This year, the one-night art stand has a new name: RedEYE REBOOT as the event takes on a new tradition on Saturday, July 19 inside Fort Lauderdale’s community gallery ArtServe.

Organizer and event creator, Byron Swart, sought to break artistic ground several weeks leading up to the event by enlisting prolific street artist Ruben Ubiera to tag up a FIAT car for the public to experience at the hip bar and coffeehouse, C&I Studios in FAT Village. The dreadlocked Broward artist sprayed the car with fangs and a hot pink façade, helping show an audience that street art isn’t always about rebellion.

For Swart, graffiti and street art are positive social aspirations for creatives. So to help promote freedom of expression and to provide amateur and emerging artists with a stage to perform plus a means to showoff their talents, Swart launched RedEYE, which in turn has become the gallery’s most highly attended event.

Body and Soul Dance Theatre at red eye: Image credit Tom Weber

Body & Soul Dance Theatre at RedEYE
Credit: Tom Weber

ArtServe hosts a series of art shows and provides art programming and classes in a multitude of disciplines, but nothing compares to the underground appeal and magic that is about to unfold. When the doors open, attendees will absorb so much art – live music, interactive installations, runway fashion shows, short-film screenings, spoken word, visual arts, and a live street art challenge – in just four hours that, perhaps, the abundance of stimulation could call for for eye drops to, ahem, get the red out.

“[RedEYE] is a spinoff of the Warhol world, catering to the highly innovative, low brow and radical,” Swart wrote in press materials. And for that, it is worth checking out.

Participating artists and talent include Christian Feneck, Pam Trent of Wicked Apple Art, Sherryl Muriente & Beju Lejbart, Anthony Hernandez, Marvel, Body and Soul Dance Theatre, Nancy Godwin, and Erin Basset, among others. A crew of food trucks will be onsite, libations available and moments of spontaneous art shall abound throughout the venue and its surrounding grounds.

RedEYE Reboot rolls from 6-10pm on Saturday, July 19, 2014 at ArtServe 1350 East Sunrise Blvd., Fort Lauderdale.

Visit or call 954-462-8190.
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~Andrea Richard