O, Miami Poetry Festival

Published on April 9th, 2015

O, Miami Poetry Festival



O, Miami Poetry Festival 2015 Set to Slam Magic City with… Poetry!

Miami is about to be slammed with sonnets, couplets, epics, elegies, blank verse, free verse and carpe diems, as O, Miami Poetry Festival 2015 brings a veritable poetrypalooza to the Magic City during National Poetry Month in April.

Now in its fourth year, the festival will continue to expose people to the underappreciated art form in unexpected ways, according to founder and director, P. Scott Cunningham. Cunningham said O, Miami seeks to tap into Miami’s event culture, targeting “those people who usually wouldn’t consider coming to a poetry reading,” but who would be drawn to poetry presented with other art forms, such as dance, music or video.

“We look to create opportunities for people to interact with poetry in meaningful ways,” he said. “Contemporary poetry in this country is strong, but it gets far less attention than other art forms.”

O, Miami will try to remedy that situation with 32 events that will at times feel like cultural guerilla warfare, including poetry on popsicles, poetry projected onto walls, pop-up soapbox poetry and poetry written on bar napkins. Cunningham said O, Miami will offer fewer events this year, but what will be presented will be “bigger and better than ever before.”

O, Miami 2015 – Official Trailer #1 from Tobias Rodriguez-Wynwood on Vimeo.

Highlighted events include:


Thicket by Terrence Hayes

April 1 and April
10 6:30 – 8:30pm. Miami River Poetry Cruise

Departing from Bayside Marketplace, O, Miami and The New Tropic team up for a poetic boat ride up the Miami River and into the “Heart of Dadeness.”

April 12
Poetry in the Park at Soundscape Park 500 17th Street, Miami Beach
4 – 6pm: DJ Le SPAM with New World Symphony Fellows.
6 – 7:30pm: Park activation with Taylor Ho Bynum’s Acoustic Bicycle.
7:30pm: Kay Ryan and Jamaal May Poetry Wallcast.



April 23-25
7:30pm at Manual Cinema 7357 NW Miami Court, Miami
O, Miami presents the world premiere of Manual Cinema’s shadow puppetry adaptation of Federico GarcÌa Lorca’s poetry. The multi-media performance will include live music.

O, Miami Poetry Festival 2015: April 1 – April 30 throughout Miami-Dade. Check www.omiami.org for more events, dates, times, details, sign-ups and ticket information. Like O, Miami Poetry Festival on Facebook


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