Locally Grown Cinema

Published on July 2nd, 2013


mustcomedownSomething is happening in Miami – aside from the buying up of South Florida real estate by Canadians, Brazilians and Europeans. Or the enormous success of art ventures like Art Basel and the New World Symphony. Young people are not leaving for greener metaphorical pastures, not only that, talent is moving here. In the past four years, the tides have somehow shifted and in the sleepy, backwards South Florida, we began to talk and beget start-ups, art house theaters, coffee shops, festivals, collectives, small businesses, may be even bigger businesses.

It makes sense. One of our favorite examples of changing moors, is independent filmmaker Kenny Riches, who grew up in Utah but forsake SundanceSlamdance and the majestic mountains to participate in the wild Miami ride.  He is about to screen his feature Must Come Down at the Locally Grown film series, a collaboration of Indie Film Club Miami and Soho Beach House.

DA: How would you describe MCD?
Riches: It is about a guy in his late-twenties who is struggling with what he should be doing with his life.  He returns to the town he grew up in to break into his childhood home in search of some adventure. Along the way he meets a girl in her early-twenties who is in a similar point in life. They form a strong bond and do some childish stuff together.

DA: Is this your first feature?
Riches: This is my first feature film. I studied art and didn’t go to film school, but instead spent time visiting my friend on large sets and then I started making short films, so I had a lot to learn.  I entered this production with a lot of ideas of how I wanted the film to look, but ultimately was stretched so thin that I had to sacrifice a lot of visuals.
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Must Come Down screens at Soho Beach House with Kenny Riches in attendance on Monday, June 24 at 6:30pm as a part of the Locally Grown monthly series. Curated by IndieFilmClubMiami.com. For full interview: Tropicult.com ~ Diliana Alexander for Tropicult