Hello My Name Is Frank

Published on November 4th, 2014

Hello My Name Is Frank

Hello My Name Is Frank

Garrett M. Brown as Frank

Though he is based in Los Angeles, filmmaker Dale Peterson has a special affection for Lake Worth, Florida. Corresponding via email, he shared that the South Florida city is the only city where he would like to edit his movies. His feature debut, Hello, My Name Is Frank.
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Hello, My Name Is Frank was edited there with his longtime collaborator editor Ken Greenbaum, who has a studio in Lake Worth.

They worked together to edit Hello, My Name Is Frank after Peterson shot the film in Eastern Washington, earlier this year. The film mixes heart and humor as it follows Frank (Garrett M. Brown), who has Tourette Syndrome and lived the life of shut-in until his caretaker suddenly passes away. Frank’s left with his caretaker’s teenage daughter, Laura (Rachel DiPillo), who decides to bring him along on her graduation road trip with her girlfriends played by Hayley Kiyoko and Mary Kate Wiles. The cast also stars Travis Caldwell as a handsome hitchhiker and Tess Harper as his Aunt Flossie.

PureHoney shot over an email to Peterson to catch up with Peterson, as he prepares to release his feature debut for consideration at major film festivals.

Hello My Name Is Frank

Laura (Rachel DiPillo-Center) with girlfriends played by Hayley Kiyoko and Mary Kate Wiles

PureHoney: Where are you based out of and are you there now?

Dale Peterson: I am originally from Detroit but have live and worked in Los Angeles for 25 years.

I heard you recently had a premier in L.A. How did that go?

We have not had the world premiere yet (this has to happen at a major film festival, Sundance, NY Film Festival, etc.). We have submitted to all the top 10 festivals and are waiting to hear.

On Oct.11 we had a screening for our cast, crew, investors and distributors. Over 300 people attended, and the response was more amazing than I could have hoped. It was overwhelmingly a positive response. Everyone laughed and most people cried.

What is the inspiration for the film?

The inspiration for this film was a documentary I saw about 10 years ago called “Tourettes: I Swear I Can’t Help It.

Hello My Name Is Frank

Rachel DiPillo plays Laura

Tourette Syndrome is a serious issue, so what did you do to balance humor with the subject matter?

I approached actor Garrett M. Brown, two years before filming started, about playing this character. Garrett and myself were dedicated to portraying this man and his disorder with extreme dignity. Garrett worked on the Tourette ticks for over a year with famed acting coach Larry Moss; he has coached four actors to academy awards. Garrett does a fantastic job. We invited the director of the Tourettes Institute to the screening, and he was overwhelmed by Garrett’s performance saying after the screening “You guys nailed it, nice job.”

This is your first feature film. What was the greatest challenge you were not expecting in making it?

This is the first feature I have directed, but I have worked in the industry for 20+ years. The biggest challenge was convincing the investors to give us their money. After the screening they are all very pleased.

Hello My Name Is Frank

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Are there any screenings planned for South Florida?

YES!!! After we premiere the film we hope to get nationwide distribution. We have also applied to the Miami Film Fest. We would love to do a local Palm Beach/Lakeworth screening.  FYI … The actor Wayne Duvall, spent many winters in Lake Worth and wants to come to South Florida for a screening.

I hear there were some locals involved (the band Black Finger and Ken Greenbaum). Can you tell me about them and how did you get to work with them?

Kenny 5 Greenbaum has been my creative partner for 30 years. We edited the film entirely in Lake Worth at Majic Robot Studios. I will always edit my films in Lake Worth. Personally, I feel it’s really the best place in the world to edit, to step outside during a break and relax while the beautiful ocean breeze is blowing. It’s a fantastic environment to do this kind of work. I have loved Black Finger’s music for years. I feel it’s South Florida’s little secret.

What did each of them bring to the film?

Kenny 5 brought his amazing creativity and editing skills, this would be an entirely different film if he was not involved. I called Greg Lovell from Black Finger before we started shooting and explained to him that we need a “driving song” for the road trip scenes. I wrote a few words down and gave them to Greg and told him the feel of the song we wanted. Two months later, Greg played me “The Drive.” It was perfect…  I mean PERFECT! And really a great song too.

What were they like to work with? The BEST!

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