Dan Hosker Music Continuum

Published on November 28th, 2017

Dan Hosker Music Continuum

Dan Hosker by Teajay Smith

A construction worker by day, Dan Hosker could probably hammer a nail truer than any punk rock musician who ever lived. But his preferred tool was guitar, and he swung that pretty straight, too. Like many of the best players, he learned the lead guitar clichés early on. Then he spent the rest of his life deconstructing them.

Dan loved to confound expectations. He was a blue collar guy who liked to read, a Renaissance man who could hang a door. He had opinions, but his charm was in the way he solicited yours. It was probably a bit like that for the countless musicians who played with Dan — like having an intense exchange with someone who creates space for you. That selflessness helps explain why Dan was so beloved in the South Florida original rock music scene for two decades and change, before his untimely passing in 2012 at age 46. He was best-known for his incendiary guitar work in the Holy Terrors, but numerous bands counted him as a member or collaborator.

The compilation CD for the sixth Dan Hosker Music Continuum benefit features 33 previously unreleased tunes by artists who played, or were friends, with Dan. I could single out tracks — songs as infectious and as smart, as moving or as satisfying, as anything I’ve heard. But naming favorites wouldn’t be true to Dan’s spirit. He was far more open-minded than I. Suffice to say that the royalty of South Florida original rock from the 1990s forward are well represented here. Several artists on the disc — including Charlie Pickett, Nil Lara, Diane Ward, Jacuzzi Boys and Shark Valley Sisters — will be performing at this month’s DHMC6 benefit and release party in Miami.

I can picture Dan smiling and nodding his approval at the music in this collection, “Unreleased: Distinguish the Sound.” Proceeds from the anthology’s sale and the concert help fund a music scholarship for students at Bishop Fenwick High in Peabody, Massachusetts — Dan’s alma mater. Proceeds also go to a stroke recovery fund for  Xela Zaid (Alex Diaz), who’s also playing the release party. By taking part you’re furthering Dan’s legacy. You’re helping him build something.

The DHMC6 release party is December 3 at Las Rosas in Miami.

~ Todd Anthony