Published on March 12th, 2023

Finding inspiration and sustaining passion for music are more than just professional obligations to Clan of Xymox vocalist and guitarist Ronny Moorings. For this Dutch icon of darkwave, they’re part of who he is.

“To me music is as important in my life as breathing,” Moorings says in an interview with PureHoney. “There are always songs boiled-up inside of me waiting to come out. I write and record as I go along and see where it takes me; if it gets too hard to do, then it means it does not inspire me to continue. It should come easy, and nothing should be forced.”

Founded in Nijmegen, Netherlands in 1983 by Moorings and classmate Anka Wolbert, Clan of Xymox have carved out a legacy within gothic music as darkwave pioneers. In 40 years together they boast numerous albums and singles, and enough road wear to circle the globe a few times.

One reason for this durability is a capacity for change. “You have to be innovative and introduce new elements into your music but without losing your own identity,” says Moorings. “Without shying away from your roots but building upon them. Passion for music is also an important factor you should never lose; if that happens you better stop altogether. We never really repeat ourselves but have managed to keep the feeling of melancholy intact.”

The band is finally embarking on a highly anticipated North American tour that was derailed more than once by the Covid-19 pandemic — the only time in its history that the band has really taken a “break” from the road. The current iteration includes Mojca Zugna on bass, Mario Usai on guitar, Sean Goebel on keyboards and Daniel Hoffman on effects and sequencer.

“I love playing live and meeting our fans, it is such an important part of making music to me,” says Moorings. “We have to play our songs live in order to see what affects our fans and we always strive to add new live elements to our show.”

Clan of Xymox with the Bellwether Syndicate and Astari Nite perform 8pm Friday March 17 at Respectable Street in downtown West Palm Beach. ~ Abel Folgar