Published on August 29th, 2016


PH5POSTER_5x71000BUMBLEFEST ONE takes place September 17 with 25 bands on 5 stages on the 500 block of Clematis Street in Dntn West Palm Beach at O’Shea’s Pub, Subculture Alley, Hullabaloo Garden and Respectable Street. Beginning at 6pm, admission is FREE for the first three venues and just $5 at Respectable Street.

We are raising money for two great causes this year! Hope from Harrison, an amazing local organization that is committed to raising awareness, resources and Hope for children with critical medical needs AND Thomas Fekete’s wife and family to assist with medical expenses  Find out more and RSVP! 



Fans of shoegaze will recognize this outfit as the evolved presence of husband/wife creative musical duo of John Cep and Kim Field, formerly of Soundpool. “Since the creation of TSL we’ve kept things pretty much about heavy guitars and lush hushed vocals with minimalistic drum beats,” explains Field. “We see it as a sort of The Shangri-La’s meets Slowdive meets Pink Floyd live at Pompeii.” READ MORE ABOUT TSL HERE

SQUARE TSLThe Stargazer Lilies – A growing name in the current shoegaze revival, on Graveface Records, married Pennsylvania psych-rockers John Cep and Kim Field leave their fuzzy, rippling soundscapes awash in breathy vocals and slow-shake harmonies that feel like a long, bright muscle relaxant for the soul.  Fans of My Bloody Valentine will dig. ~ PV



SQUARE_ARMAArmageddon Man – What might be were Sam Kinison’s ghost to come back and front a punk band? Straight ahead, manic, unfettered, and raw punk-rock in the South Florida tradition. ~ DVB




SQUARE_BLEUBIRDBleubird – Nobody reps Broward County like Bleubird. He makes hip-hop with a punk rock ethos that keeps him constantly writing, recording and touring. Broward, his ode to all things between the 305 and the 561 came out in 2015 and he’s about to drop another record with producer/partner in crime; Mr. Belvedere, later this year. His prowess on the mic is only matched by his energetic live show, which you would have to be deranged to miss. ~ TM



SQUARE_CELEBRATORCelebratorrrrrrr – The inexplicable need for so many damn ìR’sî aside, Pompano Beach’s Celebratorrrrrrr rolls the midnight sky into gonzo lo-fi rock and roll that is doomy, cerebral, twisted, and at home in the DIY filmmaking of yesteryear. Experimental with a purpose even if the extra letters exist. ~ AF




SQUARE_CHAUCERChaucer – According to records, punk died in 1978. Turns out it was cryogenically frozen and resuscitated in the West Palm Beach studio of Joshua Simkowitz. Chaucer was Busted in 2015 with a tapeful of steady beats and largely improvised lyrics ready rage against the absurdity of modern life shouted over a megaphone. This year sees Chaucer’s recently Iced released on New Los Angeles records. ~ JC



SQUARE COG NOMENCog Nomen – Beloved South Florida electro-experimental psych-pop duo featuring the enlightened guitar work of Buffalo Brown dancing with the rhythms of drummer/vocoder master Ulysses Perez. Weird, fun, and undeniably a product of Miami. ~ DVB




SQUARE_DEWARSThe Dewars – Dreamy Kinks- and Beatles-indebted psych-pop from Anthony and Zach Dewar, Palm Beach twin brothers who pair quiet (but never schmaltzy) harmonies with sun-kissed, twangy nostalgia. ~ PV




SQUARE FAT SUNFat Sun – Surfy, psych rock from fellas who put time in other great acts from South Florida. Fat Sun features members of Sandratz and Milk Spot, bands that are pretty spectacular in their own right, who have come together to veer a little off the path of those other groups to try a little something different. Groovy, garage rock to take acid at the beach to. ~ TM



SQUARE DANGrey & Orange – Homegrown talent who have done time in other stellar acts from around these parts; feat: Dan Bonebrake, Greg Lovell and Jesse Dalton. Grey & Orange are a power pop trio with their roots in the Replacements, Husker Du, Shudder to Think and the Lemonheads. These dudes practically have a P.H.D., in those bands, so if any of that blows your skirt up your in for a real treat. ~ TM



SQUARE RALSTONJohn Ralston – Lightning-quick Lake Worth hero almost seems to purposefully bury himself so far under the radar you’d hardly notice he’s among Florida’s best songwriters, with jangly, Americana-tinged pop-rock drenched in Tom Waits brood and Ryan Adams gauziness. ~ PV




SQUARE KEITH WELSHKeith Welsh – Keith Welsh has been making music for a long time in Florida. Twenty years in fact, and far as we can remember, he’s never been much of a trendy fellow. Visually he doesn’t fit in what he refers to as the “Dust Bowl revival” that seems to dominate some corners of today’s music. No suspenders here folks, just honest songwriting.. ~ AF



SQUARE KILLMAMAKillmama – Blues-punk overlords fronted by the interstellar drummer Sophie Sputnik, whose earnest belting sounds like cigarettes and whiskey, punched with enough soulful grunge and brutal rawness to make you forget that you’re the guy she wants to curb-stomp in that song. ~ PV




SQUARE_LINDSEYMILLSLindsey Mills & The Lazy Lovers – Lindsey Mills, Lady of Lake Worth, debuted her new band The Lazy Lovers at Propaganda in April to an apprecative crowd, but music has been her life and a legacy inherited from her jazz musician parents. Lindsey’s voice echoes with dreamy melodies. ~ JC




SQUARE_MOBOOTYMo’Booty – This Miami three-piece is equal parts visual arts and rock and roll. Between the three, the art goes many places but on stage their ìpsychedelic surf noirî pummels through on an inspired wave of surf tinged punk one would be hard-pressed to believe they’ve only been doing for a little while. ~ AF




SQUARE_OTHER BODYOther Body – A heavy acidic, noise rock Miami band formed by members of three other Miami bands entrenched in the South Florida music scene: Lil Daggers, Herzog Rising, and Teepee. That’s meta. ~ JC




SQUARE _PEYOTE COYOTEPeyote Coyote – In April of this year, psychedelic garage rockers  Ryan Huseman, Jake Stuart, and Cari Gee released their first album together. The FAU music students recorded the eponymous EP in their living room.  Peyote Coyote is also a founding member of The Infinite Channel, a South Florida music collective promoting local bands. This is music for people who love music by people who love music. ~ JC



SQUARE POCKETPocket of Lollipops – Unloading dissonant pop and sung-spoken lyrics with dreamy abandon, veteran husband-and-wife posh punks Tony Kapel and Maitejosuna Urrechaga always seem to collide disjointed storytelling and catchy drum lines without ever collapsing into a noisy mess. ~ PV




SQUARE_PROBLEM CHILDProblem Child – This band is named after an AC/DC song but sound more like Pissed Jeans. It’s an articulated and bloody mess of noise punk that might make you re-think your life. Like, yeah, sell all my shit and join the circus, or start a band and live perpetually on tour, a’la the Butthole Surfers; let’s do that! They get a little rowdy, living up to their name. Watch for flailing body parts and stage dives. ~ TM



SQUARE_RIVERSRivers – Danny Brunjes, Jon Wagner, Brent Ray, and Eric Blythe roll through their indie rock songs like the wind — or rather like a river drive by the steady heartbeat of drums and soulful vocals. This is driving down a highway with the windows down thinking about life music. ~ JC




SQUARE SIMILARSimilar Prisoners – This Miami quad takes their cues from Britpop and early blues and filter it into a delightful, fuzzed-out racket that never quite delves fully into stoner rock but keeps enough pep to its step to make it a fun 60’s pastiche. Rocking enough for some head-banging but ethereal for meditation too. ~ AF




SQUARE_SWEET BRONCOSweet Bronco – Chris Horgan is the brainchild of this revolving cast of characters that play indie, folk, psych with dashes of an alternate reality Velvet Underground headed by Roy Orbison. Sweet Bronco is probably one of the best representations of Florida’s underbelly of weirdness. The aural incarnation of say: Coral Castle, Casadega or maybe Gibsonton? Sure, why not? ~ TM



SQUARE TREESWIFTSTreeswifts – Though they performed their first show at The Kelsey Theater’s Live & Local event in March of this year, duo Brittany and Noah seem as though they’ve been playing together for years with their haunting acoustic covers and originals. ~ JC




SQUARE WALLACEWallace – A rising power in the local alternative music scene, Wallace sits comfortably at the crossroads of genres. Too heavy for some and not heavy enough for others, it doesn’t matteróthis quartet might be young but they’ve got a musical maturity to be envious of and a growing cadre of fans to match it. ~ AF



SQUARE WHISKEY WASPSThe Whiskey Wasps – Delicate folk from the husband and wife duo that founded Raggy Monster. Typically dealing in soothing and honest singer-songwriter fare, the duo has been working on a project series of unexpected cover songs with stripped arrangements. ~ DVB



AF – Abel Folgar | JC – Jessica Chesler | DVB – David Von Bader | PV – Phillip Valys | TM – Tim Moffatt

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