Blackheart Burlesque

Published on September 14th, 2019

Once upon a time, the worlds of burlesque, alternative rock and nerdy pop culture were galaxies apart, separated by sub culture like the food groups on the nutritional pyramid. But at some point in the pop continuum the nexus of all things sleazy, alternative and underground merged. Burlesque was a thing that shore leave sailors and bikers enjoyed in smoky bars. And then it became a thing that heavily tattooed girls into “Star Wars,” punk rock and roller derby did for fun. Who knew Generation X was going to rile the culture in such profoundly titillating ways?

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Suicide Girls emerged in the early aughts and were like, get over it, we like what we like and we are who we are and we want to be nude, ’cause that’s what we want to do. They’ve been tearing down walls and giving voice to girls and boys with an exhibitionist streak and opinions about, well everything, without shame or judgement steadily since. Their Blackheart Burlesque show is the culmination of all those opinions, obsessions, interests and showboating flair. Unlike other forms of adult entertainment, the power here resides entirely with the performers. They don’t need your money; they already got it at the door. The audience makes no demands. Part stage show, part burlesque, it’s like comic con with less clothing and more snark. Who doesn’t love a saucy woman who knows what she’s about and isn’t inhibited to show it?

The Suicide Girls started a revolution in 2001 that has been copied but never duplicated as the website promotes freedom of expression but never devolves into porn. Sort of the alternative Playboy for a generation raised on hip-hop, punk rock and irony; meaning they would probably flat out say they hated that analogy but might secretly appreciate it. What else would one expect from free-thinking radicals who have embraced their own viewpoints, sexuality, and bodies of all shapes, sizes, colors and genders, and found a way to synthesize everything into one cohesive ideology. And they don’t really care if you get it our not — it ain’t about you. You just get to watch.

Suicide Girls presents Blackheart Burlesque, 9pm Friday September 27 at the Gleason Room of the Fillmore Miami Beach. ~ Tim Moffatt

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