Published on July 19th, 2022

Acid Dad

Few genres in music history are as perfectly named as dad rock. Right away the dad-rock descriptor gives you a distinct visual of an aging paterfamilias reminiscing about when guitar-based rock with killer lyrics ruled the roost. Modern bands like Wilco and The War on Drugs got hit with that tag, but the kings of dad rock are probably Bruce Springsteen and Van Halen.

It is unclear whether Acid Dad took their name from this lineage, but their wonderful music certainly fits comfortably into that niche except, you know, on acid. The New York based trio of singers/g

uitarists Vaughn Hunt and Sean Fahey and drummer Trevor Mustoe (formerly of Miami band Plastic Pinks) work in the conventional framework of lyric-driven rock, but there is a sharper edge. The guitars are a little janglier, the effects a tinge more psychedelic, and the words a tad harsher than most fathers might feel comfortable playing without first making sure the garage doors are soundproof.

Acid Dad’s fun recent full-length, 2021’s “Take It From The Dead,” gets you in the dad rock mood from the get-go. The opening track “Searchin’” lulls you into thinking this is perfect driving music to blast with the top down and let everyone know you’ve still got it. But then comes that second verse that definitely won’t be approved by the local PTA and Kiwanis Club: “In the valley of fake tits/There’s stilettos rubbing some dick/ All the profit goes to some/ Dumb motherfuckin’ racist scum.”

That dad rock/acid rock dichotomy continues throughout the album, with song titles you can imagine your Dad approving of  like “BBQ,” “RC Driver” and “Smile You’re on Camera” coupled with content that might make them blush. Then to make matters more confusing Acid Dad songs always include catchy guitar hooks reminiscent of The Byrds and other dad-approved rock. It will have most Dads bobbing their heads as they empty the content of several cans of PBR before they realize they’ve been tricked into endorsing lyrics like, “Wasted teens on their knees/Purely begging for some lean.”

Acid Dad play Gramps Thursday, August 11 ~ David Rolland