Where I’m Bound Folkfest

Published on January 20th, 2020

Mona Lisa Tribe by Ian Jones

South Florida music fans, let your folk flag fly: The Where I’m Bound Folk Festival visits West Palm Beach on February 1 for a full day of live music from 13 different hometown acts.

Founded by musician Tabitha Meeks, who will also be performing with her band, Mona Lisa Tribe, Where I’m Bound takes its name from a Tom Paxton song and aims to cultivate a love for folk music in South Florida.

Meeks became increasingly frustrated after friends told her to move to Nashville if she wanted to be part of a viable folk scene. She decided instead to create her own pathway for folk here. She’s found support and backing for her vision from promoter Ashley Glantz, and fellow musicians Micah Drum and Jakob Takos.

Caroline Schrope by Ian Jones

Grace Roots by Ian Jones

Micah Drum by Ian Jones

With its tradition of unplugged instruments and story songs, folk “is such an underrated genre that not many people talk about or even promote,” Glantz tells PureHoney. “This underrepresented culture needs to find its place in our community.”

West Palm Beach’s burgeoning warehouse district could be an ideal place to foster it. Elizabeth Avenue Station, the festival’s venue, is an emerging community hub that consistently showcases local artists and gives them platforms to perform their work. With plenty of eclectic vendors and good vibes, Where I’m Bound should have a comfortable home there.

The lineup spans the bluegrass-tinged ballads of The 502s, the string-quartet interplay of the Lubben Brothers, the solitary odes of singer-songwriter Riley Moore, the rock-folk hybrid jams of Rogue Theory Band and the he-and-she acoustic repartee of Grace Roots.

There will also be an open mic from 4:45 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. For those who want to keep the music going late, a smaller after-hours show will happen from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. that is donation-based only.

“The mission of WIB is cultivating a real community of support for the arts,” Glantz said. “It’s about connecting with each other and being a part of something special that came from the heart of the people who live here.”

The Where I’m Bound Folk Festival runs noon-11pm Saturday February 1 at Elizabeth Avenue Station in West Palm Beach. Jason Piquette, Grace Roots, Riley Moore, The Summit, Matthew Pinder Music, Caroline Schrope, The Lubben Brothers, Jakob Takos & The Connection, Drum and Company, The Mona Lisa Tribe, Rogue Theory Band, Matthew Fowler, The 502s, Hillside Spirit Revival. wibfolkfest.com. ~ Olivia Feldman


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