Published on July 2nd, 2021

Justin Stewart


by Amanda Moore

With more than a combined 1.8 million Instagram followers, vintage collage artist Justin Stewart has certainly risen to digital fame. In a recent interview with Artleove Magazine, Stewart illuminated his love for vintage-style artwork because of its authenticity; he mentions that collage allows for “textures, bold colors, and clutter.” One glance at his work, viewers will notice Stewart’s style draws from retro, pop, and surreal art. This new-aged visual artist has placed a satirical twist on an old art form. Amongst a glut of other collage artists online, Stewart’s designs pique viewers curiosity with his satirical visual commentary. Fans certainly remain on the edge of their seats for any mentions of upcoming collaborations.

Dating back to at least 1912 and Pablo Picasso, collage has long been a popular technique, however the style has resurfaced and accumulated a large social media following within the last few years. Publishing his Instagram in 2017, Stewart has posted vintage-retro style collages almost daily. Since his first post on August 30, 2017, Stewart has stayed true to his vintage-retro style, but amassed such a following that the pre-order of his Vintage Fantasy Vol. 1 magazine sold out.

A collection of artwork from 20 different artists, the 100 page magazine, officially launched June, 2020. On the vibrant satin interior pages, readers can sample the creative pieces from artists such as Moon Patrol, Snakes.n.Roses, Little Nurse Girl, Dr. Sterp, VeryRealFantasy, and Boy Fantasy.

PH: How did you begin to create art, especially these vintage fantasies?
JS: I experimented with many different styles before the work you see today.  It sort of came to me naturally, I was always a lover of vintage art, posters and ads and started to play around in photoshop with my own versions of them. Slowly I adapted to more of an illustrative style with my work on boyfantasyart and vintagefantasy.

PH: Did you have formal training or a background in art?
JS: Not really. I did go to school for graphic design for a few years but dropped out mid-program. I appreciate the hard work graphic designers do, but the structure and rules of it aren’t really for me. I don’t like limiting my creative process.

PH: Who are your creative influences?
JS: Oh god, it’s endless. I love Instagram because I get so much inspiration from so many different kinds of artists. At the start of my art career artists like Moon Patrol, Trippy Dana, Mr. Babies, etc… really inspired me.

Abduction by Justin Stewart

PH: Is this something that is a full-time job or a side project?
JS: Full-time baby! Of course, at first, it was just a fun little side project. But little did I know how much it would blow up.  I started working on my magazine and my art full time in 2019. It’s just me running all aspects of my business so it can be extremely stressful, but it’s so rewarding.

PH: What artists would you like to collaborate with right now?
JS: I would absolutely love to collaborate with Dana Trippe. She’s a photographer, but I feel her and I could make something seriously cool.

PH: What’s one of your favourite past projects?
JS: Trixie Mattel’sBarbara” album cover was a huge moment career-wise and personally. I have been a fan of hers for quite some time so to work on this was crazy.

PH: Will Vintage Fantasy Vol. 1 be reprinted?
JS: Absolutely! The pre-sale did so much better than expected, so I am currently still packing and shipping the magazines out. Every time they sell out, they will be restocked a few weeks after the sellout date. Vintage Fantasy Vol. 2 will be coming out mid-summer, most likely July! Followed by Vol.3 early fall.

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