Published on August 4th, 2017


Commonalities versus differences. Seems like a no-brainer fight but the sad truth is evidenced all around—America is in the midst of

Van Jones

a political stranglehold and the divisions that plague this great land have not been this wide and seemingly as out-of-control as they currently are in a long while. Russian collusion, the long-con of the Trump administration, weakened political sensibilities on both sides of the aisle; all of these causes and more have steered the current political climate.

It is not the time to point fingers but at the root of all of this are both political parties and their leadership camps. No political entity in this nation serves the people without serving themselves first. Was Hillary Clinton a good choice for the Dems? No. Not against a rabid, toupeéd Soviet puppet. So while this piece is not about the state of political affairs within the Democratic Party, it is hard to mention Van Jones and not cross a finger or two in hopes that he is taken into consideration for the next electoral race.

Jones, a young non-practicing attorney, political commentator, and activist has carved his politics out of human rights and environmentalist platforms and has been on the national consciousness since joining CNN’s Crossfire and continuing as a commentator after its cancellation. Partnering with Roc Nation, Jones is hitting the road with the We Rise Tour powered by #LoveArmy to bring artists, athletes, and local and national leaders to cities across the USA to engage in dialogue.

This event is open to attendees in the sense that questions and engagement are encouraged. Jones and company will visit community centers, schools, and organizations to “spend time with our partners in social change on the ground.” The underlying focus hinting at Jones connecting with the hardest economically hit neighborhoods. 100% of net ticket sales will benefit Dream Corps initiatives and local charities. It might not be billed as such, but this will put Jones out there, in a good way. Hopefully the Democratic brass will take note and groom this effort into a political reality.

The WE RISE Tour Powered by #LoveArmy with Van Jones at 8pm on Sunday, August 13 at the Fillmore Miami Beach. Visit
~ Abel Folgar