Published on September 8th, 2022

Upcycling, or creative reusing, has become a more prominent form of making thanks to growing dissatisfaction with the planned obsolescence of most purchased goods. Just like the old days, if something breaks then makers will fix it. And if we can’t, we’ll turn it into something new.

The nonprofit organization Resource Depot has devoted 20 years in West Palm Beach to curbing local waste by rescuing discarded materials and accepting donated goods from businesses and individuals. In turn, these are redistributed to teachers, artists and other nonprofits. Resource Depot’s inaugural Upcycle Day — actually two days of events and fundraising at their facility on Florida Avenue — is a celebration of the organization’s reuse-or-remake ethos, and an invitation to the community to learn upcycling hands-on.

“We believe everyone is creative and that everything can have value and we should do our best to give new purpose to stuff,” Chelsea Odum, Director of Education & Artist Relations at Resource Depot, tells PureHoney. “Upcycle Day is all about fun and is geared towards adults that like making things.” Odum says the gathering will also help to expand the range and variety of upcyclables by connecting makers with other creators — artists and businesses — of unique products.

The festivities start with a Friday evening Cocktails & Crafts preview where guests mingle with makers and upcyclers, watch some of them work, and sample cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. The main event is a Saturday expo with a group of makers leading upcycling demonstrations and workshops encompassing food and drink, home decor, crafts, jewelry and clothing.

“As a grant-funded nonprofit we are always working to raise funds to continue to support what we do, so this event will serve as a fundraiser for us,” said Odum. “It’s also a great way to reach new people and have them join us in our goal to reduce waste, share what we don’t need, change daily habits and be creative.”

Upcycle Day runs 6-8pm Friday, Sept. 16 and 1-5pm Saturday, Sept. 17 at Resource Depot in West Palm Beach. Visit resourcedepot.org for ticket packages and information. ~ Abel Folgar