Total Eclipse of the Art

Published on April 13th, 2014
howleys, marcpaperscissor, purehoney

Art by MarcPaperScissor

Art for Space Nerds: A nerd walks into a dark bar and orders a Synthehol. He’s wearing a shirt that says Star Trek: The Next Generation. The bartender dressed in Spock gear, pointy ears and all, winks back. The Spock fan boy whips up the fictitious drink, and the geeky patron tosses it back, ever so swiftly. Let’s call him Spencer. So Spencer fueled up on goodness raises his glass and makes a toast. “To the Ferengi!” he says and pays up his tab. Only a true space nerd would even understand.

He heads around the corner to Howley’s Restaurant. It’s Tuesday evening on May 27, and the man is looking for inspiration. Luckily, what waits for him at the hip late-night diner is his biggest wet dream to come, Total Eclipse of the Art: Art for Space Nerds, an art showcase dedicated to all things otherwordly.  He enters the restaurant and spots the lovely DJ AGENT ROSE spinning vinyl. A cutie nearby sways to the beat and smiles at him. She’s wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with space cats. He digs her and offers her a $2 PBR. They’re on special for the night. But before he makes another move, he tosses back a powerful $3 astro shot. Godspeed!

Next, he scopes out the artwork on display. There are pieces portraying inspiring nods to Star Wars, Star Trek, and 3D solar systems. He swoons. Rebecca May, extraordinaire, curated the show with works created by a string of local artists: Chuck Loose, Kyle Smile, Voss, Hannah Cullen, Adolfo Bacigalupo, Hex Martinez, Tanya Vervlied, MarcPaperScissor, Timothy Angstadt, Becky Osborne-Phillips, January Cassidy, Veronica Portilla, Becs, and Brittany Cramer.

Spencer’s head spins. There are just too many starring artists to count! His cat T-shirt wearing lady friend saunters over. They do a round of astro shots and an unspeakable, magical beam of light brings them home, together. It was their love of science fiction, not booze, that got their loins boiling that night. Spock would have been proud.

Total Eclipse of the Art opens Tuesday, May 27, 8pm-1am. DJ AGENT ROSE spins 8-11pm. Admission is free. Discover Howley’s at 4700 S Dixie Highway, West Palm. 561-833-5691   |   RSVP

~ Andrea Richard