Total Bummer 4ever

Published on August 17th, 2013

totalbummer4300The New Revival, man. It’s one radical fellowship. Far from the stuffy fellowship of old churches and stiff handshakes, ours is a Different Beast. The Beast lives inside us all year feeding on the music we listen to, soaking up our dreams and visions, and stirring inside us, restless, while we get distracted by life’s illusory strangleholds.

Every year at Total Bummer Fest, The Beasts come out to play. We howl, we dance, we make new friends, we reunite with best friends, we sweat, we jive, we misbehave. We come together.

That’s what makes Total Bummer such a special and powerful event, this sense of realness and togetherness coupled with one of the most original and painstakingly curated lineups of artists and musicians in FL.

Total Bummer is a Real Festival put on by Real People. We aren’t a corporation. We don’t have a sweaty pile of money sitting in a bank somewhere. We have day jobs and night jobs and 9 months out of the year we plan this amazing weekend where we can all come together and be our real selves. I like to think of us as the antithesis of Festivals like SXSW and Coachella that are a hollow shell of the festivals they used to be and have instead pandered and watered down what made them special with corporate excess and predictability. We don’t do that here. We’re Real. Really Together.

There seems to be a trend in the popularity of the DIY and DIT (Do It Together) movement in this country and while we’re proud to be a part of that tradition, Total Bummer aims to set the bar higher, to expect and encourage more from each other when it comes to Togetherness. Real Togetherness removes oneself as the center and puts instead the greater community, the bigger idea at the center.

We aim to exemplify that concept of togetherness by remaining dedicated to our love and belief in the music and art of Florida. Total Bummer will always be, at it’s heart, a FL Festival that goes to great lengths to showcase the most exciting, vibrant, and blossoming talent that FL has to offer. We’re proud of Florida, and we’re so proud to present to you, Total Bummer 4EVER in Winter Park, FL on August 29-31 at The Orange Space, Willís Pub, Peacock Lounge, and Lilí Indies featuring over 60 excellent bands including Javelin, Levek, Day Joy, Kodak to Graph, Saskatchewan, Lord Scrummage, Messy Sparkles and moreeeee!!

Tickets are on sale now at the Spirit Cat store. Total Bummer 4EVER, come for the bands stay for the tans! TOTAL BUMMER 4EVER brought to you by: Spirit Cat, Brasky, Relief in Abstract, Tiny Waves.


Big Love, Iím JTBringardner | Spirit Cat

Listen to the Total Bummer 4ever Power Mix
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