Summer Jam

Published on August 15th, 2013

SummerJam2fin300 Music festivals come and go in South Florida. Some stick around forever, others teeter on the fence before finally coming to fruition. Some involve days of camping, and others are just right outside your front door. But one festival in particular survives because it has a strong message and an even stronger lineup. Summer Jam 2013 will be taking over the Meyer Amphitheater on August 31st and September 1st. The two-day festival is spearheaded by Patrick Maraist of Music Jam Productions. He is on a serious mission to spread good vibes and instill a sense of real community among musicians and fans.

According to Patrick, the goal of Summer Jam is very specific and one that appeals to many. “The messages are “Come Together for Peace, Love and Music” and “Keeping Live Music Alive.” Our mission is to encourage live original music and to bring together the bands and lovers from different, but fundamentally related, genres to further these goals.”

As if two days of hand-picked and meticulously sculpted live music weren’t enough to get you excited, it’s really the overall feeling that the festival cultivates that makes this one worthy of representing the Florida music scene as a whole while giving talented artists a place to shine.

If you think you are excited to round up your homies and bounce around at this kick ass show, get in line. Even Patrick is juiced to catch the festival. “When I step back from the position of producer and promoter into my own shoes as a musician and as a rabid fan of live original music, I realize how special Summer Jam 2013 is going to be. This is what it is all about.” Good vibes and good tunes, this is what every show should be about.

Included in the stellar lineup are familiar, national acts like Alana Davis and Rootz Underground. But it’s the much anticipated Boxelder reunion show, that is catching lots of buzz around South Florida. “I made it a sincere goal to bring about a Boxelder reunion and started the active work over two years ago through discussions with individual band members.”

South Florida local music junkies that were around in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s can’t forget the the throngs of eargasms bestowed upon them by Jupiter reggae/rock outfit Boxelder. One of the bigger bands to come out of Florida during that time, Boxelder soon broke up and left behind a massive fanbase and a catalog of indie releases to grasp onto as the memory of their high-energy live shows began to slip away.

Finally, after nearly a decade of yearning, the band’s original lineup is back together and they will be playing a reunion show on August 31st as part of Summer Jam. Considering their up and down journey that brought them to this point, we asked lead vocalist Bryce Rutkowski how Boxelder is feeling about getting back on stage: “After some rehearsals, we are finding our place and it is coming together quite naturally. The resurrection process has been super fun and a bit emotional.”

Those that might be unfamiliar with the Boxelder sound should know that their direction fits in perfectly with the spirit that the Summer Jam two-day festival has strategically generated. Bryce said “Our music has evolved since the beginning, but I would have to describe it as a conscious place where reggae meets rock and roll. The combination is a conducive vehicle for a positive yet emotional release.” But those unfamiliar with the Boxelder legacy should know that this band means a lot to the South Florida local music scene. Touring with Surfer Magazine’s East Coast Energy Tour, Boxelder was able to shine a light on what makes our scene so special. “The tropical influence lends itself well to the reggae vibe,” said Bryce of the Florida coasts.

So now that Boxelder is gracing us with their presence once again, does this mean we will see them back on the local circuit? “It is a possibility, we’ll start here” said Bryce, which means if this show goes as well as it should, we might finally have Boxelder to call our own again in South Florida. Still deciding whether or not you are going to be in the crowd when this historical show goes down? Bryce put it simply, “Don’t miss it, we have been waiting 9 years for this!”
DAY ONE: Boxelder, Inner Circle, Doorway 27, Alana Davis, Ornimental, NerVer, Orange Juice, Bahamas Junkanoo Revue, DJs: Proper Dosage with the Reazin Rude Boy Craig and Higrade

DAY TWO: Tarrus Riley & Dean Fraser, Blak Soil, Etana, Rootz Underground, Moska Project, SowFlo & Resinated, Bahamas Junkanoo Revue, DJs: Proper Dosage with the Reazin Rude Boy Craig and Higrade

~ Dana Krangel
Design by Justin Oltesvig