Summer Daze Day Two

Published on June 23rd, 2014

Summer Daze Day Two

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Summer Daze posters by Dave Berns | Hot Damn Arts

Not so fast, Lake Worth. Don’t act like you are still tired. Take a solid power nap because it’s that time again. Summer Daze is hitting J Street for round two of three on July 19th. Day two is a special one, not just because it marks another reason to call all your friends and party in the street, but because the lineup is stacked, unique and kind of a big deal for local rock fans. Not only is classic 90s-00s, globally touring band Lit gracing the Propaganda stage but the traditionally surf and reggae based fest is turning the dial to 11 and bringing in a heavy dose of rock.

Local acts range from The Drip Effect’s unique brand of indie metal to Luxury of Company’s Incubus-inspired, homegrown rock. From The People UpStair’s funky bass lines to The Kinected’s true to form rock sound. But no one is arguing that day two’s lineup culminates with Lit. Splashing onto the scene in 1999 with their hit debut album A Place In The Sun, Lit grabbed a piece of the 90’s alternative sound and turned it into a reason to embrace rock.

The three core members of Lit grew up together and, quite remarkably, started playing music together in the late 1980’s. Through a tumultuous career that included the death of drummer and lifelong friend Alan Shellenberger and other emotional obstacles, Lit has consistently come back into the spotlight for another lap of kicking ass. Lead singer A. Jay Popoff was only 14 years old when he first got the music bug alongside his brother Jeremy. While the two take stage front and center, they wouldn’t have made it this far without bassist Kevin Baldes who originally started jamming with Jeremy before the band became a unit.

Considering band member dumps over petty fights and trashed hotel rooms, it’s incredible that Lit has endured such a long career and come out on the other side stronger and more motivated to show you a good time. “We grew up together in the same neighborhood,” says Baldes. “We were very young then but we have been playing since the 1980s, if you can believe it.”

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With so much time passing since playing their first show, Lit hasn’t just grown as a band, the members have also had time to have a life and grow individually. “It’s awesome that we are still together for so long but now we have families and kids,” Baldes reflects. “it’s kind of bizarre. When our kids start approaching the age that we starting playing, it makes the entire experience very surreal.”

Just because plenty of time has passed since that first jam session doesn’t mean that things are slowing down. They released View From The Bottom in 2012 and have been touring the world consistently since then. With no immediate plans to release more recorded sound, Lit still has plenty of years left in them. “I think Lit will always exist.” says Baldes. They have toured China, Europe and the UK in the past year, which makes their Lake Worth pit stop that much more exciting.

Hoping they will play their megahit? Every fan of every band always has that question. ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ was and still is a massive song for Lit, one that put them on the map and kept them there. How does the band feel about catering to the world by playing the song on everyone’s mind?

“I am older and wiser and I realize what that song has done for us,” says Baldes. “There are other songs too that have helped out, but obviously that is one of the biggest song we have and it has really opened some doors. Because of that song, I have met people, I have played with people, I have seen parts of the world I would have never seen. So I owe everything I have and will have and see and have done pretty much to that song.” Fans coming out to the the show just in hopes of screaming “I’m sleeping with my clothes on” will quickly realize they are in for much more. “If you like ‘My Own Worst Enemy,’ you are going to like the entire show.” promises Baldes.

With the summer vibes pumping through and a rock-focused deviation from the norm, Lit is a great choice to headline Summer Daze day two. But as always, the team and Propaganda has much more in store. Local heavy hitters DJ JayR and DJ Needlez will be spinning tunes between live sets.

More than the hits or the crowd surfing, Summer Daze is back to give you an excuse to cut the sleeves off your favorite T-shirt and celebrate summer like only South Florida can. There just happens to be some amazing music involved.

Day 2 Saturday July 19 on J Street in Lake Worth, FL   |   RSVP
Outside Stage (All Ages): Lit, Elegant Mess, A New Way To Live Forever, Trapped in Tomorrow, Luxury of Company, The Kinected, The People UpStairs.
Inside Stage (18+): Dirty Skirty, 1 Hit Left, The Ruins, The No.13s, The Drip Effect, First Last & Always.

Day 2 Saturday July 19th
Outside Stage (ALL AGES)
4:00 Elegant Mess – WPB
5:00 A New Way To Live Forever
6:00 Trapped in Tomorrow
7:00 Luxury of Company
8:00 The Kinected
9:00 The People UpStairs
10:30 Lit
Inside Stage (18+)
5:30 Dirty Skirty
6:30 1 Hit Left
7:30 The Ruins
8:30 The No.13s
9:30 The Drip Effect
12am FLa First Last & Always

Also feat. DJ JayR & Dj Needlez

~ Dana Krangel