Summer Daze, Day One

Published on June 20th, 2014


Summer Daze PropagandaFirst year festivals are amazing because if all goes well, they guarantee one thing: the second year will be even better. That’s the case with Summer Daze. Propaganda’s 3-day street party features more local bands than you can count directly alongside national headliners in the heart of Lake Worth—and the cherry on top is a surf/skate vibe that personifies the culture of summer in South Florida. At last year’s Summer Daze triple play, the party was kicking and the bands owned the stage, quickly turning this concert series into a local music staple that’s back for another year and ready to impress.

Propaganda owners Jon Jordan and Matthew Krug have learned a thing or two about throwing a party. Maybe it’s their 10 years of experience booking local bands or maybe it’s the revival J Street has experienced in the past two years, but every time this gang throws a J Street Block Party, you might as well clear your schedule because there will be no event more exciting or with better live music in our delightful bubble.

Jon and Matt couldn’t be more stoked at the chance to create an incredible, live music-focused event in the town they love. J Street has grown leaps and bounds in recent years and any Lake Worth dweller knows it is the best place to be. Propaganda’s support of local music is huge but by booking big headliners, they are able to not only open up the party to the street but also give our local guys a chance to play in front of a much bigger audience. At the core of it all is a chance to perfect a scene and create a powerhouse of music culture in Lake Worth. “We want to help build the city and bring people in to help show them that Lake Worth is awesome”, says Matt.

Summer Daze Propaganda

Spred the Dub
Credit: Dana Drolet

Local and national bands are legit, but the party doesn’t end there. The Propaganda crew is going big, bringing in a 24 foot half pipe for Day 1. It will serve as a centerpiece for the party and a chance for people to express themselves while simultaneously expanding the energy of the festival and showing off our chilled out yet extreme South Florida culture. “We are always going to keep looking for something new.” says Matt. “We want to add a ‘wow-factor’ to Summer Daze.”

Each day indeed features something wow-worthy. And while Day 1 kicks it off with Badfish and the ramp, Day 2 is binging in Lit (yes, that Lit!) and changing up the proven reggae formula with a more rock-inspired vibe, including touches of metal and punk. Day 3’s headliner is Tribal Seeds and they will make it even more local with indieSWIM representing their signature bikini cut and bringing in local, bikini-clad ladies for a live fashion show during the performances.

There are piles of talent in the area so it’s no surprise that the lineup is killer. With South Florida heavy hitters like The People UpStairs, Moska Project and Spred The Dub, the reggae vibes are alive and well. And while local bands are enough to satisfy your live music hunger, it’s only the beginning.

Summer Daze Propaganda Badfish


So yeah. Headlining Day 1 is nationally recognized kickass Sublime tribute band Badfish. Badfish switches things up. They don’t try to be Sublime, but they definitely pay tribute to the band that inspired them to start playing music. Lead singer Pat Downes joined Badfish after jumping on stage to cameo on a song and he never left– the energy he felt is the same that the crowd experiences and one of the major reasons they are so popular.

Their Providence, Rhode Island upbringing sounds very similar to Lake Worth’s. “Rhode Island has a tight knit music scene” says Downes. “A lot of us have helped each other on gigs and recordings through the years which has been a fun and rewarding experience. You can get a lot more done with good people by your side.”

With Badfish and their sweet Sublime tunes filling the air at a glorious outdoor festival, what more could we need? Well beer, of course. But there will be plenty of that. Downes wants to remind you to bring your irie attitude to really knock it out of the park. “Seriously, all we need to put on an awesome show is people who are pumped to be out partying along with us and loving the vibe that Sublime’s music brings.” he says. “The variable of ‘what’s the crowd going to be like tonight’ makes the show unforgettable.”

Badfish can’t wait to get the festival started and neither can Jon who is careful to make sure Summer Daze is a blast for everyone. “It’s not just a concert,” he says. “It’s a helluva party.”

Propaganda presents Summer Daze June 28, July 19 and August 23 at 6 South J Street in Lake Worth. Advance day tickets are $25, prices go up to $30 at the door. A 2-day pass is $45 and a 3-day pass is $60.  |  RSVP

~ Dana Krangel

Day 1 Saturday June 28th
Outside Stage (ALL AGES) 
4:00 Shrub
5:00 Rude Hecklers
6:00 Moska Project
7:00 Shorty the Giant
9:00 Whole Wheat Bread
10:00 Badfish – Sublime Tribute

Inside Stage (18+)
5:30 Lake Worth Long Shots
6:30 Project X Xtreme sports band
7:30 Operative Me
8:30 Howling Winds
9:30 Making Faces
12 Spred The Dub

Also feat. vert skateboard competition (half pipe), DJ BUZA & Fiyah Queen
Official After Party: Wild West Gentlemen’s Club

Day 2 Saturday July 19th
Outside Stage (ALL AGES)
4:00 Elegant Mess – WPB
5:00 A New Way To Live Forever
6:00 Trapped in Tomorrow
7:00 Luxury of Company
8:00 The Kinected
9:00 The People UpStairs
10:30 Lit

Inside Stage (18+)
5:30 Dirty Skirty
6:30 1 Hit Left
7:30 The Ruins
8:30 The No.13s
9:30 The Drip Effect
12am FLa First Last & Always

Also feat. DJ JayR & Dj Needlez

Day 3 Saturday August 23rd 
Outside Stage (ALL AGES)
4:00 Future Prezidents
5:00 RYTHMadix
6:00 Roots Shakedown
7:00 Spred The Dub
8:00 The Expanders
9:00 New Kingston
10:30 Tribal Seeds

Inside Stage (18+)
5:30 Seagrape Souljahs
7:30 Fireside Prophets
8:30 Common Wealth
9:30 South Side Dub

Also feat. indieSWIM fashion show, Kulcha Shok Muzik & DJ HiGrade

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