Summer Daze Day 3

Published on June 24th, 2014

Summer Daze Day 3


Poster by Dave Berns | Hot Damn Arts

Day 1, we jammed. Day 2, oh did we rock. Now with Summer Daze Day 3 on the horizon, it’s only right that we celebrate. This time, we celebrate not just the success of a bad ass festival. Not simply the ample sharing of groovy tunes and live performances from local favorites and national headliners. We celebrate ourselves. We pay homage to all things South Florida. We revel in all of our weirdness. It’s the chance to fist bump all your buddies and reflect on another summer living where other people only vacation.

So how, might you ask, should a level-headed, tanned, beer slugging South Floridian properly salute the beachy paradise they partake in every day? The answer is simple: With a fatty crew of like-minded peeps at the last of three Summer Daze block party celebrations.

The festival that we needed more than we ever knew, Summer Daze has quickly become a pillar of the local music scene in these often unforgiving summer months. To close it out, Propaganda is doing it right. With a fully jacked lineup of the finest local reggae that Palm Beach County has to offer, plus a sprinkling of big name acts, it’s a party fully customized for the SoFla-er living and breathing in all of us.

Seriously, basically every local reggae band is on this lineup. Future Prezidents, Seagrape Souljahs, Fireside Prophets, even a rare performance by Common Wealth and another lap around the stage from show stealers Spred The Dub. With headliners The Expanders, Tribal Seeds and New Kingston leading the pack, the local gangs have a chance to give it their all and bring South Florida pride to the two stages.

new kingston

New Kingston

Brooklyn raised New Kingston aren’t your basic ‘one love’ band. Yes, these three brothers promote peace and happiness through their music, but their irie take on reggae jams stays friendly for all ears. New Kingston have been playing music since 2006 and have toured with everyone in the reggae scene from Collie Buddz to SOJA, but they know a good show when they play one. “We love playing in South Florida because of the love people have for reggae music,” says Tahir Panton of keys and vocals. “Everywhere we play is different, but something about Florida is special. There’s a deeper appreciation for live music.”

But, let’s be real. While music is a major part of it, it’s not the only entity that defines our esoteric South Florida culture. Those intangible things you can’t quite explain but you know it’s why your cousin from up north keeps trying to visit. It’s the beachy vibes, the chillin’ the most attitude and constant and necessary accessibility to a pool that make us who we are. What better way to to bring those vibes into Summer Daze than with bikinis?

indieswim purehoney

indieSWIM | Photo: Jack Bates

Local bathing suit company indieSWIM has been tasked with showing off their styles in a bikini fashion show that will take place live during performances at Summer Daze. Co-owner Zoe de Boehmler Gregalot describes indieSWIM as “a true mix and match line of Caribbean cut cheeky swimwear with custom designed prints on high quality fabric.” A pretty sweet option considering they are local and you probably just got back from the beach! She continues, saying that “indieSWIM is for the the ladies who like to have options with their style and not sacrifice comfort. It’s for girls who are confident, classy, cute and proud of who they are.”

The cultures that make up indieSWIM mirror the mix of different personalities and backgrounds that come together to define South Florida. The beauty of our location is all of these elements seamlessly fit together to. “I think live music plays a role in all cultures” says Zoe. “Just like the sun brightens your day, music brightens your soul.”

So, what’s your soul looking like these days? If it need some brightening or a recharge of radiance, we know just where you can get it. Where every South Florida kid can get it. It’s a little town with big heart called Lake Worth and it’s a festival that has come to mean more to the summertime and just keeping the living easy. Summer Daze emerged, full of our favorite things, and delivered big on promises of sunshine and music. And down here, that’s all we can ask for.

Saturday, August 23 3pm at Propaganda: Future Prezidents, RYTHMadix, Roots Shakedown, Spred The Dub, The Expanders, New Kingston, Tribal Seeds, Seagrape Souljahs, LFTD LVLS, Fireside Prophets, Common Wealth, South Side Dub, BUSHWOOD, Kulcha Shok Muzik & DJ HiGrade $25 advance, $30 gate  |  RSVP

~Dana Krangel