Space Mountain Miami

Published on January 26th, 2014

SP LogoAlicia Apfel thought it was time South Florida opened up an arts space dedicated to free-flowing experimentation. Apfel envisioned a place where artists and musicians can create, perform and do whatever they want to do without answering to anyone. Why not allow artists absolute freedom? That’s the core idea behind Space Mountain, the alternative arts venue that Apfel opened in December 2013 in Miami just north of Little Haiti. To keep the venue free from pressure and void of any set guidelines, Space Mountain operates as a private nonprofit with a board of directors. The twist is that they don’t apply for grant money and instead rely solely on private donations. The space has no brand and is intended to have no affiliations with outside organizations.

“We are interested in letting Space Mountain evolve on its own, whichever direction it takes shape,” says creative director Autumn Casey. The name itself may conjure up memories of that fantastical ride at Disney World. But it’s not about that ride in Mickey Mouse ville, although magic sprinkles boast the atmosphere. Apfel explained that she had the idea before the name, and simply referred to it as ‘the space’ when talking to Casey during the planning process. Eventually, the two blurted out the name. “I said ‘space’ and she said ‘mountain,’ so the name came to us organically,” explains Casey.

The 1,000-square-foot venue is comprised of two rooms: the front room serves as the gallery space, and the back room is where live music goes down– anything from noise and punk bands can be found sounding off here. On the outside, it appears to be an unmarked storefront with an entrance lined with windows. No signage is posted on the building, a nod to keeping the venue brand free.

precrayUpcoming event not to miss: Pre-Cray, the Pre-International Noise Conference Celebration, Art show opens 7pm, Monday, Feb. 3, 2014 and is on display through February. To kick off eleventh annual International Noise Conference, Space Mountain presents a ‘wild and colorful’ visual arts experience. The noise and punk sounds provided by Curious Hair, Awkward Kisser, Dion Keith Kerr IV, Dino Felipe, Viking Funeral, Dennis B Fuller, Snakebird, and Manny Mangos. Attendees can expect weird and wacky performance art. Participating artists include Sleeper, Ded Cooter, Domingo Castillo, Rick Fantasies, Dino Felipe, Max Kane, Nick Klein, Nicholas Ruiz, and Maitejosune Urrechaga. No cover. Donations are appreciated.

Space Mountain is located at 8363 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami. Visit
~ By Andrea Richard