Published on November 9th, 2013

Portland, OR experimentalists Sndtrkr, a project spearheaded by Krist Krueger and Eli Savage also of Self Group recording artists Southerly, Yardsss and Politik, put their cinematic live soundtrack mastery to tape and release the first Sndtrkr album, Inglorious Debut. Sndtrkr could be referred to as both patient and cinematic music; the two piece movement consisting of the thirty minute title track recorded live in Portland and the seven minute companion piece, “Inglorious Finale“.

A thematic project, Sndtrkr takes a single concept, develops it and subsuquently deconstructs its initial core principle and premise. The result is a wave of underlying bombast, like liquid flowing beneath a solid melodic surface, it is fluid. The premise and backdrop of Inglorious Debut is the juxtaposition of the grand, painted, sought-after American middle class suburban life of the fifties and the reality of the World War that preceded it. Consider watching It’s A Wonderful Life and the Allied Bombing of Hamburg simultaneously on the same television screen.

In the live setting, Sndtrkr writes and performs soundtracks to visuals and films conceptualized and created by Krueger and Savage in addition to select historical footage depending on that performance’s concept and background. Comparisons are often drawn to fellow artists Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Rachel’s and even John Cage due to the projects uniquely experimental free-form direction.