Scantily Clad Supervillains

Published on July 10th, 2013

the supervillains
Don’t let the name fool you.  The Supervillains aren’t a group of Disney bad guys, they are a band with super stage powers.  Hailing from Orlando, the guys of The Supervillains loved growing up in Florida and getting to see a wide variety of cultures clash together.  Scott Suldo, a.k.a. Skart, on guitar and vocals told us the Florida scene “definitely rubbed off in our music, which stylistically is all over the place with a lot of different influences. Beach life, swamp life, tanned bodies, tattoos, canned beer, reggae, ska, punk rock – It all kind of comes out in our music and the people  have been behind us in force for 15 years now.”

Longtime band buddies Pepper gave Supervillains a big push back in 2006 when they signed them to their label, Law Records.  Being a part of a tight knit label with lots of touring with like-minded artists inspired The Supervillains.  Skart said “It helped catapult us to a headlining role and eventually we got to open our own label Rah Rah Rah Records, where we get to return the favor and sign bands we like and bring them on tour with us!”  Can’t you just hear “The Circle of Life” Lion King chant?

South Florida fans are fortunate enough to get a face full of The Supervillains when they come down to tear up the stage on day two of Summer Daze Concert Series, July 14.

A fan of live music, Florida grooves, and generally having a good time, we couldn’t help but ask Skart what he would say to someone who hasn’t decided to get their butts to Summer Daze yet.  “If you haven’t made up your mind yet about going to Summer Daze then you shouldn’t need much more coaxing! National headliners Authority ZeroBallyhoo!, and a GRIP of top-notch FLA talent all in one spot with an Olympic size swimming pool to cool off in and float around with a frosty beverage all day! Scantily clad Floridians getting crazy in the streets of Lake Worth sounds like an excellent plan if you ask me!”  Sounds like an excellent plan to everyone, Skart.

The Supervillains will play Summer Daze Day 2, July 14th at Propaganda, 6 South J Street Downtown Lake Worth.
~ Dana Krangel