Roots Revival

Published on February 1st, 2014

rootsSouth Florida live music junkies have all been witness to a new wave of local bands crashing onto stages everywhere. One trending sound is omnipresent and perpetually growing; it’s fresh and it’s dirty. It’s Americana, roots music with a punk kick in the ass. The genre bending, ear-happy giant is all about taking music back to its roots while marinating in the grit of underground alternative.

Key live music hubs like Lake Worth and Fort Lauderdale have quickly taken to this ever-evolving genre but one major South Florida metropolis, Miami has been slower to embrace these sounds. With this latest wave growing into a musical monster, Miami doesn’t stand a chance.

Eric Garcia is big on the roots revival scene and just so happens to be the man that books the bands at Tobacco Road in Miami. Garcia used to play his own one man band, Uncle Scotchy, eventually meeting Lone Wolf, another local one man band on the circuit. The two became roommates and are now both huge parts of the upcoming Roots Revival Festival. Garcia guarantees that Tobacco Road “is low brow for a Miami club” and thus, the perfect place for the city to launch an Americana revival.

roots posterLone Wolf aka Bruno Esposito is a local guy with big talent. He was bred for this new shape-shifting genre and his one man band is full of passion and talent. The result? A mystifying live show from a guy that truly cares about his music. “It’s a very rewarding feeling to be able to just do it all yourself” said Lone Wolf “There is a sense of freedom to where you can change the song at any moment.”

The day-long fest is bound to please the musically hungry masses and pleasantly surprise anyone desiring bluesy punk in Miami. Not sure if this is your scene? Too late because it already is. Garcia, who put the event together along with Cracker Swamp Productions, promises the music on display will have “a lot more attitude than regular blues music; it’s more raw and gritty.” And it’s about to be in your face.

Bands include: Soda Gardocki, Lou Shields, Lone Wolf OMB, Los Bastardos Magnificos, Clem McGillicutty & the Burnouts, Swamp Rats, Blood Brother, The MCI, Baby Bear Lo-Fi and The Stick Ups, Uncle Scotchy, The Janglin’ Duo and Looka Looka Looka.

Roots Revival Festival takes place on Saturday, February 22 at Tobacco Road, 625 South Miami Ave. Tickets are just $10. Call 305-374-1198 or visit for more info.


~ Dana Krangel