Published on November 9th, 2022

Ritt Momney by Adam Alonzo

Breakout artists Dayglow and Ritt Momney have paired for a neo-nostalgic, coming-of-age dance party as part of Dayglow’s People In Motion Tour, and it’s hard to picture two more ideal tour mates right now than these dreamy indie-pop escapists. Although hailing from different states, Dayglow’s Sloan Struble (Texas) and Ritt Momney’s Jack Rutter (Utah) have similar artistic origin stories and a fondness for teen sentimentality.

In an interview with PureHoney, Rutter calls his music “lovecore.” His melodies and his ’90s-styling performance art videos are a fit with Struble’s own output: Their songs are mini soundtracks to summer days filled with good friends and tender crushes. Both 23-year-olds began self-producing music in their teens, inspired by the highs and lows of adolescence, and they never really stopped. They’ve both reached young adulthood with expansive and refined discographies, and multiple albums to their credit that demonstrate a deepening exploration of youthful experience — navigating high school, feeling estranged, being struck by romantic lightning.

Sloan Struble (Dayglow) by Nick Wong

The union of Dayglow and Ritt Momney will let audiences slip away into an experimental electro-pop reverie of innocent longing, tempered lust and youthful reminiscence. Struble, on Dayglow’s Instagram account, calls this live show “something that I’ve been working on for so long, so to be finally experiencing it with you in the present feels like such a gift.” Rutter tells PureHoney that he “couldn’t be opening for a better group.”

The tour’s first dates have prompted a social media outpouring of the “unforgettable experience” and “best night of my life” variety from fans and newcomers alike. Listeners might also pick up on sonic similarities to the likes of Briston Maroney, MGMT, Two Door Cinema Club and Declan McKenna. When the tour’s done, Rutter says he looks forward to getting back into the studio and, farther out, checking off a bucket list item “to play in Europe.” In the meantime, you’re encouraged to join them here for an evening of blissful surrender to a wave of motion and emotion.

Dayglow and Ritt Momney perform 7pm Monday, Nov. 28 at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale. dayglowband.com ~ Amanda Moore