Resident Noize, Kevin Barnes

Published on August 25th, 2013

resident noize, kevin barnes, of montreal

Mid 90’s. South Florida. Kevin Barnes. Resident Noize.

Kevin Barnes (Of Montreal) would regularly pop into The Wormhole, our little record shop, vintage clothing, all ages venue located beneath the old Lost Weekend on Olive in West Palm. My co-owners and I were big fans and our stage always had space for what we all believed to be rising talent. I once set up a Miami play for him at what I remember to have possibly been The Hungry Sailor. When he stopped by the shop the following week I asked him how it went. His response was something to the effect of.”They didn’t get it”. I told him not to worry about it because we did (get it).

Resident NoizeKevin soon moved to Athens and began recording what would become the first Of Montreal records. Before leaving however, I convinced him to come play live on my weekly radio show Resident Noize at WPBR in Lake Worth. Scott Marino, John Gayle and I (along with a few friends) taped a number of live performances in that recently demolished space: LOAD, Postface, Death on a Stick, The Unseelie Court, Doomed Clowns, Kreamy ‘Lectric Santa, Happy Accidents, The Crumbs, Radiobaghdad, Frankenfinger, Jack Off Jill, Backwash, Arthur’s Chair, Lozol and Drive Choir. A few of these songs appeared on a double cassette only compilation “Bill Kord’s Resident Noize Volume 2: “Time Capsule” and “Barometer“. WFLX news team anchors, Curt Fonger and Elizabeth Alex, even stopped in one evening while Postface was in full effect… big mistake because Ricky took over the interview:) If anyone still has that footage let us know.

Boxes of DAT tapes and VHS tapes litter my office and I’ve recently decided to try to see what can be digitized and preserved. The videos below are a beginning… Of Montreal play with Yip Deceiver at Grand Central this Friday, July 5 at 8pm.

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