PureHoney Honey

Published on March 24th, 2014


PureHoney Honey

THIS MONTH: GALLBERRY HONEY in a 16 oz. container. The current batch is sourced from hives located in St. Augustine, FL. Each bottle also contains a download code for FREE MUSIC. By purchasing PureHoney Honey you are directly supporting our local music and arts community.

PUREHONEY HONEYNow available at:
Harold’s Coffee Lounge
Coastar’s Coffee Bar
Howley’s Diner
Bee Organics
Subculture Coffee
Purple Lotus Kava
Terebinth Coffee Gallery
Brewhouse Gallery
Serenity Garden Tea House

Will YOUR shop carry PureHoney Honey? Let us know!

Packaging art by Serena Dominquez.
Enjoy & Thank you!