Pop-Up Funk

Published on March 5th, 2014

MahfoodPoster300Somewhere between Highlights Magazine and Touch n’ Feel books on the “for kids” publication hierarchy lies a childhood classic, the Pop-Up Book. Pop-Up Funk (popupfunk.com) is no exception to this notion, as it appeals directly, with laser-like precision to the inner child.

An extremely limited edition art book, Pop-Up Funk is essentially a compendium of 10 large, hand-assembled fine art spreads by the reigning champion of Street Art Comic Books and/or Comic Book Street Art, one motherfunkin’ Jim (Tank Girl, Clerks, Marijuana Man) Mahfood, that pop-up to become extra-dimensional bad-ass cut-paper dioramas. The grown-ass kids enviably lucky enough to posses one of only 100 of these limited edition $250 luxury publications will do well to keep theirs away from any actual children.

With this, his first Pop-Up Publication, Rosston Meyer, a DIY designer who sees the world in 4-D, has made something exceptional and special, taking Mahfood’s already reverbrating artwork further over-the-top until it literally goes POP! The West Palm resident is cutting, pasting & binding his way into his own art & collectibles niche.

Rosston Meyer

Rosston Meyer

PureHoney: So Why Pop-Up Books?
Rosston Meyer: I’ve always found pop up books fascinating, both visually and mechanically, and wondered how they were done. It was something I’d always wanted to do, make a pop up book. So I guess I’m just manifesting that fascination into a thing to fascinate others with.

thrilling-72PH: Mahfood’s a great choice for this treatment… I can practically hear music when looking at his art… adding dimension only amplifies that effect. Bravo. What other artists would be well served by your Pop-Up treatment?
RM: Other artists that I would love to work with would be Junko Mizuno and Kozyndan. I feel that anyone’s art could be made into interesting pop-ups, but plan to be selective, as this is my passion project. It allows me to collaborate on something special with my favorite artists. I’ve only just begun and already have been lucky enough to work with true greats.

Jim Mahfood

Jim Mahfood

PH: Nice. You’re doing it all yourself now… do you forsee a point where volume or common sense has you switching to a more automated system?
RM: Well, yes and no. I am currently piecing together a line of new Pop-Up beastieboys-600Books with a handful of new top collaborators, individual publications and probably a group book. The process of “figuring it out” is what appeals to me, creatively, so I’ll always design the books myself, with my own two hands. That said, I look forward to and have been sourcing equipment and partnerships that will allow me to put more of these books together with less effort so that I might take this limited-edition hand-made boutique item to the masses.

To order or just gawk at Pop-Up Funk by Jim Mahfood & Rosston Myer: popupfunk.com
~ Dave Berns   |   HotDamnArts

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