Published on June 21st, 2014


Kim The Little Bee Queen - PeeMonster800

“Thank you for seeing my art!

I, PeeMonster, am based in California and draw to communicate when I can’t find the words. My art is a means of processing everything within and without my own perception… it is a translation of what I feel, think, see, from my heart to the outside world. I am inspired by everything, and choose to live my life surrounded by love. I like to feel the universe move from under my skin.”

A common occurrence in my work are depictions of children or child-like characters. I’ve come to realize that though I don’t choose children consciously, this is how I, from my innermost being, decipher and explore that which we don’t ordinarily visualize. “Kim, the Little Bee Queen” is a piece that came along after visiting a wall of art tiles designed by children at my daughter’s elementary school. A lot of the children had drawn bees, so I came up with an idea that incorporated the likeness of a bee, but in a bit of an unconventional way. It is quite possible that “Kim” has yellow stripes across her face, rather than black, but then again.