Published on March 28th, 2022

Pearl & the Oysters by Laura Moreau

Signs from the universe guide us all. Some signs transform everything. And we mean everything.

For Pearl & The Oysters, as described on their official website, “winning a free trip to the Ostreoid Asteroid Resort (from whence came their name) on the back of a dehydrated cereal box” catapulted their music career.

After listening to the universe and embarking on their cosmic trip these “galactic gleaners began making music together,” their biography says. Like most mind-altering magical experiences, the details of this journey remain a mystery. Curious to know more, PureHoney asked the astro-exotica duo for a glimpse of their founding event. But when the universe speaks directly to you, you keep your lips sealed and follow the golden rule: “What happens on the Ostreoid Asteroid Resort stays on the Ostreoid Asteroid Resort,” as the duo explained.

Some clues to the duo’s pre-flight origins tumbled out in an interview. At a high school in Paris, France, co-creators Juliette Pearl Davis and Joachim Polack bonded over a mutual “deep and unwavering love for The Beatles” as well as ’60s song man Burt Bacharach and The Pixies. Carrying similar musical DNA, they wound up at graduate school at the University of Florida in Gainesville, where their musical partnership took off. In 2020 they moved to Los Angeles. From their new base, they’ve weathered the pandemic, released their third full-length album, “Flowerland,” met tons of cool people, opened for Parcels at the 4,000-seat Hollywood Palladium and traveled abroad to play their first sold-out hometown show in Paris.

Maybe because Juliette is “low-key prescient,” as described by Joachim, Pearl & The Oysters produced “Flowerland” prior to the pandemic and released it halfway through 2021, affording stressed-out listeners an escape to a euphoric, lounge-pop electric oasis. They’re presently touring with bilingual pop band Luna Luna and singer-songwriter Dent May, and they’re excited about working on new music including “a split EP with our favorite French band Biche.”

Pearl & The Oysters perform with Luna Luna and Dent May, 7pm Thursday April 14 at Respectable Street in West Palm Beach, $16. ~ Amanda Moore