Passafire, Fresh Daze

Published on July 16th, 2013


Passafire may have gotten their big break after meeting Pepper, but don’t throw them into the “white boy reggae” bucket quite so quickly.  The four-piece band out of Savannah, GA want their sound to evolve.  Passafire has been keeping plenty busy on the road and has even found the time to start putting together a new album.  It promises to feature a fresh and upgraded sound; another sign that they are perpetually growing since their inception in 2003.

Drummer Nick Kubley told us that their early days in Savannah helped build the Passafire we know today. “In the beginning before we found our sound, we did a lot of jamming, so initially we sort of fell under that umbrella. I don’t know if the scene built our sound or just tolerated us while we were trying to figure it out!”

Long time Passafire fans will still hear what they fell in love with on the new record, just with a small twist.  “We still have the heavy reggae influence,” Nick said, “but this time around, we didn’t get hung up on making sure every song had reggae parts in it.”  The years of touring have built a strong band foundation and now the boys are proud to say that they produce their best work when they are surrounded by each other.  “Last [record], we were emailing ideas back and forth and figuring it all out when everyone was in town. This time, we were able to write songs from beginning to end as a group in the same room. I can’t wait for people to hear it. ”

Although Passafire gains momentum with every kick ass live show they play in every corner of the country, they still site a 2007 tour with Pepper as a breakthrough moment.  Said Nick, “We definitely owe a lot to the guys in Pepper. Things started to fall into place after that run.”

Next up for the band is a highly anticipated headlining slot at Propaganda’s blazing Summer Daze Concert Series. Still considering whether or not this is a show worth coming out for?  Nick puts your worries to bed. “Our live show is where we shine, and musically we have something for everybody. Plus, our Florida shows are always a good time!”

Passafire will be playing Summer Daze Day 3, July 28th at Propaganda, 6 South J Street Downtown Lake Worth.

 ~ Dana Krangel