Mood Ring Boutique

Published on May 10th, 2013

moodring boutique

We’ve all had those days when you walk over to the closet, that one colorful shirt speaks to you, and you know today you are feeling adventurous- today you are going to feel happy!

Melissa Brouard is behind the newly-launched Etsy shop, Mood Ring Boutique, and brings that unique everyday-feeling to your closet.

She always knew she wanted to open an online store but it was costume design where she got her initial start in fashion. Her extensive costume design skills, acquired from years of working with entertainment companies, give Mood Ring that special flair and custom “upcycled” edge.

Just like a mood ring- a novelty ring that changes colors in response to the wearer’s spirit- the name Mood Ring Boutique came about from Melissa’s “all-over-the-place” style. Like an ever changing fashion chameleon, “Versatility,” she states, “is the inspiration and you don’t have to be confined to one style.”

You will find vintage pieces that range from 80’s blouses, belts and shirts, to one-of-a-kind 90’s floral dresses at her shop on and at Flash Studios Miami,

Get to know Moodring Boutique’s Melissa in the Doll Quiz…

Hobbies & Interests: Running, designing, crafting, thrifting, movies, playing tourist, beach, and hanging out at various cafes with friends.

One item in your wardrobe you can’t live without: Sunglasses and oversized tops. I’m always running late for things. Oversized tops are quick and easy to change into, and allow me to dress up or dress down. I’m all about versatility.

Top five artists/songs on your iPod:  I never get tired of The Black Angels, Washed Out. I love classic rock (The Runaways are a guilty pleasure), 90’s hip hop, electronica, and I absolutely love James Brown and R&B artists from the 50’s-70’s. I recently discovered The Kukumbas, and I’m a fan of a Miami Group called Poko Loco. I would kill to go through Quentin Tarantino’s music library. Sorry, that’s more than five.

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~Vanessa Haim Photography: Danny Delgado for Tropicult’s Dopedoll Fashion Chronicles.