Metric Mayhem

Published on July 22nd, 2013


Gold x Guns x Girls x Giveaways

All the gold and the guns and the girls in the world couldn’t stop Canadian indie assemble, Metric, from returning to the MIA. Ever since first stepping foot on our sandy beaches in 2009 for the Art Basel Kick-Off Concert, Metric has made an annual pilgrimage to The Magic City to perform, party, and undoubtedly partake in late night (early morning) skinny dipping. Needless to say, the feeling is mutual. Perhaps it’s the profound lyrics and perfect storm of harmonious melodies (that practically personify Miami) that we love so much. Afterall, we are an egotistical bunch…

Thursday, August 1st, our beloved Metric returns to The Fillmore Miami Beach! Shout-out to Bud Light for orchestrating some sort of overt marketing scheme to trick hipsters everywhere into putting down PBR cans and picking-up a bottleneck…yeah, okay! Whatevs dude, ultimately Metric is playing a show soon and we are beyond stoked!

Metric has been leading a sort of music industry remodel right under our noses. Emily Haines and her band of merry mates have taken whatever was still salvageable from disco, punk, and indie rock and have created new and wonderful musical compositions.

“When I was still working on Fantasies, I had kind of concocted this character, this sort of robot, soulless woman who I named ‘Synthetica’ — someone who was so free of flaws that she made being human seem repulsive”
The band has not stopped since the debut of their first album “Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?” in 2003. Since then they have released 4 more studio albums and it seems that each time they release an album, more hits arise. From Combat Baby from the first album to Youth Without Youth, to Artificial Nocturne from their latest album, this band can do no wrong. Synthetica, Metric’s latest (and arguably greatest) self-released studio album, basically demonstrates that they are musical and lyrical masters.

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