Published on December 26th, 2019

South Florida is internationally known for its sunlit splendor. But nights on the ocean here have their own dark charms. For close to three decades, Frankie Morales has worked tirelessly to illuminate these late hours; to keep flash and trash at bay with the gloom and doom of synth-driven gothic music, and to provide sanctuary to Floridians who prefer drawn shades and shuttered blinds.

Morales was the larger-than-life figure welcoming the minions and unsuspecting passersby into Groove Jet’s Sunday night party, The Church on South Beach, in the ‘90s. From there, he catapulted the event’s mantra, “enter without prejudice,” into producing, hosting and arranging hundreds of other parties and events centered around gothic, dark wave, industrial and post-punk music, among others. His latest recurring event, MASS, celebrates its third anniversary this month at Respectable Street in West Palm Beach.

“I’ve been at it for over 20 wonderful years, featuring legends and introducing up-and-coming acts and DJs to the scene,” Morales tells PureHoney. “All has been done for the love of music and the crowd that has come through over the decades and we get to celebrate this event at a very special venue full of great music history.”

DJ Maus

On the fourth Friday of every month, MASS takes the best elements of his South Beach Church and endeavors like his Jolt Radio show, “Dark Desires,” and turns them into a succinct environmental expression of his genres’ core notion: It’s cool to be weird. When the rest of the world thinks you’re crazy, or a freak, this kind of music was made for you because in its moment, you belong. This celebration of the dark liturgy has been a monthly beacon for grateful partiers who appreciate the sentiment.

Astari Night

Morales is also celebrating his birthday in tandem with the anniversary party, and has invited local favorites Astari Nite to perform as the evening’s live band. He’s also enlisting his longtime collaborator (and fellow birthday celebrant) DJ Carlos Menendez as well as DJ Maus of Tampa’s Obscura Undead music collective.

MASS Third Year Anniversary party stars 10pm on Friday, January 24 at Respectable Street, in West Palm Beach. ~ Abel Folgar