Published on June 15th, 2013


Art can be such a massive being, one that’s often impossible to explain and just as difficult to interpret.  So when you work with a specific artistic medium for as long as as MarcPaperScissor has, at some point you break out of it.  That’s exactly what’s happening to this ferociously talented and determined niche artist.

Born and raised in South Florida, Marc grew up surrounded by the arts and it was just a matter of time before he picked his poison.  He chose paper. For the past eight years, Marc has been working almost strictly in cut paper art.  You might be surprised where the inspiration came from: “I was reading about Buddhism and looked into artists who spend months making a mandala out of sand using simple tools and very focused energy.  And at the end, they just wipe it away. That inspired me to use very simple tools.  I only use one type of paper, regular scissors, a glue stick, and a black sharpie.”

But after cutting paper for the better part of a decade, Marc is ready for some changes.  He moved to Gainesville about a year ago seeking a different type of lifestyle, one more focused on organic farms and eating locally.  It’s all been part of his new master plan, “I’ve been in hibernation working on getting things together and at the end of this year, there will be a big push for MarcPaperScissor.”

First off, it’s time to set up shows and sell his finer works. “I’ve avoided galleries for way too long.  Now I’m focusing on learning a better way to exist as an artist.”  Expect more big projects out of Marc including a giant billboard on the highway for his local favorite, Frog Song Organics, and an animated music video for The Spam Allstars featuring his artwork.

Even though cut paper is what gave Marc his start, it’s only the beginning.  “I want something new,” he said. “I’m dealing with different mediums now. Taking years of my life to cut paper and realizing that it’s just the beginning of getting that work seen or sold made me go ‘Shit!’  I’ve made 100s of pieces of cut paper work, now I have to sell myself.  I wasn’t ready for that and now that’s what I’m working on.”

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~ Dana Krangel

MarcPaperScissor designed this months pull out poster for Brother Love Production’s BLP Family Reunion: RWYC 6th Anny Celebration @ Spanish River Park, Boca Raton – 6/29.