Little Dragon

Published on May 22nd, 2014


Little DragonFeel the electronic pulsations, synth pop and bass, as Little Dragon takes listeners on a journey of magical rhythmic bliss. Little Dragon has come a long way from what started out as a high school Swedish band formed in 1996. The close group of friends which began jamming out after class, has evolved their sound into three visionary albums. These albums include 2007’s self titled release, 2009’s Machine Dreams, and 2011’s Ritual Union.

The group released their fourth studio album Nabuma Rubberband on May 12th. On the album the Japanese and Swedish lead singer Yukimi Nagano blends her high pitched vocals with the dark beat of the music, creating an atmosphere of haunted eeriness. This is the type of alteration and risk taking in their music that has set the Gothenburg based band apart from other musicians. Between their last album Ritual Union and now, Little Dragon has kept busy collaborating with experimental artists such as Big Boi and the Gorillaz.

Do not be fooled by the group’s name, Little Dragon is far from anything minute when it comes to their music, such as newly released songs Klapp Klapp and Paris. These tracks are the first two singles released off of their album Nabuma Rubberband; they project hypnotizing electronic vibes. Little Dragon has come out with a video for Klapp Klapp, in which a woman is depicted resurrecting a dead body from a grave. Klapp Klapp creates a unique juxtaposition between Yukimi’s searching vocals set against the shadowy background laid out by the band.

In a recent interview at SXSW, Nagano explains the meaning behind Nabuma Rubberband. She states, “It could be a person, it could be a state of mind, it could be a place, it could be a ghost, or anything it wants.” The album can not be defined as one specific thing, and instead has a far more explorative meaning of several interpretations. This dynamic album encourages unlimited possibilities for the fan’s imagination to run wild.

Little Dragon will be making it’s seventh stop in South Florida out of it’s thirteen city tour. Be sure to make it out to Grand Central, Miami June 12 to experience Little Dragon’s transcendental wonder. Lawrence Rothman opens.  |  RSVP

~ Brittany Curtis