Published on April 16th, 2014

Camp Thunderbee Records, Label

Camp Thunderbee, Sweet Bronco, PureHoney MagazineCamp Thunderbee Records, PureHoney’s new label, is very pleased to finally announce that release #1 will be a co-release cassette with Cheap Miami on April 19 for Sweet Bronco’s debut album titled “Morning Night”. CD and Vinyl coming sooooooonish. Digital downloads are available right now on Bandcamp!

“In these days of wars and rumors of wars, haven’t you ever dreamed of a place where there was peace and security, where living was not a struggle but a lasting delight? Of course you have. So has every man since time began. Always the same dream. Sometimes he calls it Utopia – Sometimes the Fountain of Youth – Sometimes merely “that little chicken farm.” One man had such a dream and saw it come true.” Well, these days, in the Western world, increasingly, we call it “Ikaria,” and I want to think through what this means for the struggle to create a better world from, as the old labor song goes, “the ashes of the old.” ~Lost Horizon

The current live lineup? Chris Horgan, Brady Newbill, Jesse Dalton, David Barnard and Brittanny Tyler Larevitzear!

Production Credits:
chris horgan: vocals, guitar, organ
aoede pando: bass, vocals on 1-9
steven copeletti: percussion on 1-3, 6, 9
jeff rose: percussion on 4-5, 7-8, 10, guitar on 7
john ralston: synthesizer on 3

music & lyrics by chris horgan
recorded by sweet bronco, john ralston,greg lovell at elegbaland, lake worth, fl
& chris horgan at strat rat, ft lauderdale, fl
mastered by chris mahle
art/layout by steev rullman

sweetbubble2Track Listing:

Sweet Bronco has played a number of festivals in the past year including: Plan B, Whigfest, Norse Korea 3 Year Anniversary, Moonfest and a number of local club anniversary parties.

“Night two (Will’s Pub and Lil Indies) yielded a couple revelations. The most realized was Ft. Lauderdale’s Sweet Bronco, whose deep, mature sound is a return to the stateliness of early millennial indie rock. They’re a well-crafted tapestry of nice melodies, sonorous reach and lots of atmosphere.” ~ Bao Le-Huu | Orlando Weekly

sweetbubble“Sweet Bronco’s sound is defined by his (Chris Horgan) vision, which bridges cozy optimism, soul-baring angst, and a sort of shabby indie pop.” ~ Erica K. Landau | New Times

Hans Morgenstern (Independent Ethos/PureHoney) writes:
The March Has Begun. From the first few seconds of Sweet Bronco’s soon-to-be-released debut album, Morning Night, a pronounced schizophrenic influence shimmers forth that reveals this record as refreshingly original. It’s a wash of fuzzy shoegaze mixed with stomping, raw Americana.”… “The title track recalls the lethargic quality of The Donkeys and their creeping slow-building psychedelic roots rock. A little echo on the vocals reveals that Radiohead reference Horgan notes, and then the song turns decidedly psychedelic, building to Horgan open cooing, joined by the harmonic sighs of a female vocalist, as the drums turn double time, and electric wind of synths and guitar feedback washing over the entire thing. The shoegaze feel dominates much of the songs, and some of the influences are quite obscure. “King” reveals of A Storm In Heaven-era Verve influence, as a subtle howl of electric wind coats the track despite a rollicking, garage rock vibe. The result is a dynamic LP of layered, often atmospheric guitar work and propellant drums.”  Read More

Sweet Bronco played this past Saturday, April 12 at Churchill’s Pub in Miami with Deaf Poets, Whorish Boorish, Plastic Pinks, Lil Daggers, Archaic Interest, Sonic Graffiti, Palette Town, Jelly.

The band also played on Record Store Day, April 19 at Radio-Active Records in Ft. Lauderdale with Shotgun Betty, bleubird, The Astrea Corporation, Deaf Poets, Ketchy Shuby, Benton, Blue, Sgt. Pepperspray, Kems, Lumin.

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