Published on February 5th, 2023

“Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight.” ”That’s the way, uh-huh, uh-huh, I like it.” “Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your booty.” These are all lyrics that occupy the public consciousness as much as anything ever sung by The Beatles or Elvis. But Miami’s own disco supergroup, KC & the Sunshine Band, with their five No. 1’s and party-hearty vibe, don’t get six-hour Disney+ documentaries or Baz Luhrmann biopics made about them. KC & the Sunshine Band’s hometown shows little of the adoration that Liverpool has for the Beatles and Memphis for Elvis, except for KC Park at 4th and 44th in Hialeah.

KC was born Harry Wayne Casey in (believe it or not) Opa-Locka, grew up in Hialeah and started his climb working at local music distributor Henry Stone’s label, TK Records. When Casey got a little studio time at TK, he named his backing band after his home state, and KC and The Sunshine Band was formed in the Sunshine State.

Their easy to remember choruses and funky danceable rhythms were as flammable as any ’70s kindling. Their second and third albums, from 1975-1978, contain more songs familiar to anyone who ever turned on an FM radio than most greatest hits collections by Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees. In January 1980 their song, “Please Don’t Go,” became the first No. 1 hit of the 1980s. But the new decade wasn’t too kind to disco. KC & the Sunshine Band found themselves out of style and in 1985, at age 34, Casey declared himself retired from the music business.

But you can’t keep a hitmaker down. Nostalgia flourished for disco balls, leisure suits and the good times that KC & the Sunshine Band soundtracked. A Rhino Records best-of compilation in 1990 helped make the case for KC as more than a fad. Casey revived the band in 1991 and has circled the globe playing close to 100 shows a year ever since, still your “Boogie Man.”

KC & the Sunshine Band play 8pm Friday, Feb. 24 at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood. heykcsb.com ~ David Rolland