Kairos Creature Club

Published on January 25th, 2022

Kairos Creature Club by Tony Accosta

Band? Business? Cult? Kairos Creature Club hint they could be any number of things. Their Instagram says “multilevel interrogative self-help program.” Their Twitter warns, “WE HAVE OPINIONS,” although it feels a little underutilized so they might have reconsidered becoming a one-liner op-ed farm (Kudos, however, for trolling Jimmy Buffett and Sublime in a single tweet.)

Comedy show? Their Tik Tok very effectively sends up “Point Break,” the surf-crime Keanu-Swayze hunkfest and Gen-X touchstone, with band members cast in key roles.

For now we’ll go with “supergroup.” Kairos, a.k.a. Lena Simon of chill surf rock trio La Luz, tops the masthead. Her Club colleagues are Billy Creature (Glenn Van Dyke of skate-surf band Boytoy), Daddy Braid (Matt Shaw of garage revival group The Mother Gooses) and Lee Savage (James Scott Rubia of synthwave band Animal Clinic).

Simon, Van Dyke and Shaw have all converged on Jacksonville, Florida, where they run a label and a music festival, both called Winterland, devoted to “sharing cool music,” Shaw says on the label Web site. ”I really believe the narrative around arts, music and culture in Florida is changing,” he adds. Kairos Creature Club and La Luz will play Winterland IV in downtown Jacksonville’s Riverfront Plaza in February, with headliners including Reggie Watts and Caroline Rose.

With Rubia in the fold they’re a coastal daydream of flowy keyboards, melodic guitar and quirky nostalgia. “Kevlar,” a standout from “Join the Club,” their 2021 Greenway Records debut, steps straight out of the “Secret Agent Man” 1960s and into the Spotify stream, with a bit of cowbell bop pacing Simon’s breezy vibes and Van Dyke’s punky demeanor. The house-party video for “Voodoo Success” opens with credits that look spliced from a shaky old grindhouse feature and then bids you, “Goosebumps”- and “Black Mirror”-style, to choose from alternate storylines before letting the song’s eerie cool finally wash over you.

Kairos Creature Club with The Dreambows and Soul Particles perform 8pm Saturday, January 29 at Propaganda in Lake Worth, $8-12. kairoscreatureclub.com ~ Olivia Feldman