Published on September 7th, 2022

Going solo or starting another band after your first one breaks up (or even while they’re still together) is not for the faint of heart. For every Paul McCartney or Dave Grohl that stuck the landing, there are dozens of Billy Corgans and David Lee Roths who maybe got hot again for a quick minute, or not at all, or ran back to their old band, or found that door closed to them, or just kind of disappeared.

But add Jack White to the short list of musicians who’ve gone on to big second acts after a resounding first success. After 14 years in the White Stripes, the thumping rock revivalist duo from Detroit that won him fame and acclaim, and gave “Seven Nation Army” to sports stadiums everywhere, White moved on in 2011. He resurfaced with alt-rock combo The Raconteurs and supergroup the Dead Weather and often just as Jack White.

Ten years after the release of his debut solo album, “Blunderbuss,” he returns with a head of swept-back, teal blue hair and his Supply Chain Issues Tour, which is coming to Miami. The tour name nods to the well-documented snarls in meeting rampant, Covid-era consumer demand. White himself spent a chunk of lockdown on break from making music to focus on building cool furniture. But he didn’t put down his guitar for good.

If his previous albums or his divorce party with Karen Elson didn’t do it, his April 2022 album “Fear of the Dawn” cements White as one of rock’s weirdos. There is a slick but plaintive breakup track, “Taking Me Back”; flourishes of prog with synths and White’s voice echoing spookily in the background; and a cameo from an unusually-high-pitched Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest.

Entering Heaven Alive,” released in July, avoids the crazy and emphasizes an acoustic, earnest side of White with songs like “Love is Selfish” describing the kinds of tensions and ambitions that can undo a relationship or, for that matter, a band.

Jack White performs with Cat Power 8pm Tuesday, Sept. 20 at the James L. Knight Center in Miami. jackwhiteiii.com ~ Olivia Feldman