Published on September 22nd, 2022

It’s been almost a decade since married bandmates Maitejosune Urrechaga and Tony Kapel began using Houndstooth Cottage as a name under which to start booking shows. Though the couple’s rock band is known as Pocket of Lollipops, Houndstooth Cottage quickly became an all-encompassing moniker for various projects. At times it was a booking contact; other times an actual recording studio. Its most important current function is as a record label, one issuing three new albums on October 15.

“We have always had a love for the small labels of the late ’80s and early ’90s such as TeenBeat, Simple Machines and Dischord,” Kapel tells PureHoney. “It blew me away then and still amazes me now as to how much cooperation and organization came from these labels when the ones driving them were high school kids just trying to share friends’ music. It’s really a passion project with hopes of creating and maintaining a collection of music and art from the like-minded.”

The new albums are: “Lost Hours,” a music collective spearheaded by Bob Fay; “The Childrens Experimental Guitar Orchestra,” recordings captured by Sean Meadows while he was teaching guitar to villages in Vietnam in the early 2000’s; and, locally, “Personal Demons,” made up of Ed Matus and Ed Artigas, both Miami music community mainstays for 30 years. “We’ve both known both Eds since early high school. So its awesome to be working with them. Ed Artigas was the first person to book one of my bands,” Kapel says. “Both of them are special to a lot of people through their many projects.”

Personal Demons will headline a release party at Epoca Brewing Company in North Miami where Houndstooth Cottage hosts a monthly event every third Saturday. Also on the bill are The Associates and CumScum. “We will have copies on CD and cassette (w/download code) and some buttons,” Kapel says. “Rat Bastard will be djing, and The World is a Wedding pop-up will be on site.”

Houndstooth Cottage hosts Personal Demons and more, 8pm Saturday, Oct. 15 at Epoca Brewing Company in North Miami. houndstoothcottage.com ~ David Rolland