Fright Nights

Published on October 8th, 2013


Challenge Your Threshold for Fear. Welcome that feeling in the pit of your stomach where apprehension and terror lie, cover your ears and try to ignore the laughter of crazed lunatics running wildly into the night, ripping into the crisp moonlit air their clothing still freshly stained in the sweat and tears from their last victim’s pleas… and pee your pants like a little girl! Fright Nights, a Carnival of Creeps for the thrill seekers, celebrates its thirteenth consecutive year at the South Florida Fairgrounds in West Palm Beach, FL. This outrageously wicked Halloween-themed Scream Park presents a terrifying lineup of hair-raising exhibitions, gruesomely dressed cast members, macabre animatronics, 13 thrill rides, food, games, drinks, live music, prizes, a talented crew of ghoulish dancers and numerous scare zones sure to send your inner child running feverishly to mommy’s side!

This year’s Fright Nights will include four haunted houses featuring: The Smiths – a travelling family of murderous savages settling into their new residence from a whirlwind tour of carnage and horror; A Grim’s Tale – a homestead for the most sinister corridors of your imagination as you revisit the sweet and innocent fairytales of your childhood and see them for what they really are, hellish nightmares of abduction, killings and betrayal; Sunnyville Orphanage – housing the abandoned souls of forgotten children, their maddening loneliness and starved bellies formed into a hunger for revenge that can only be satisfied with merciless homicide of anyone coming into reach of their deadly little fingers; and Country Bill’s Meat Market – serving up the finest cuts of flesh and bone this side of the south.

Craig McInnis, originally joining the Fright Nights cast in 2002, is involved in everything from designing haunted houses to creating t-shirts, flyers and posters for the event’s promotion. With wife and makeup coordinator, Raquel McInnis, Craig shares a bit about his experience as longtime Fright Night crew member:

“The most memorable moments at Fright Nights are usually when I get a good scare out of a grown man. It always makes me laugh. The other thing that is great to see is the comradery that happens amongst our 100 person cast over the course of the nine nights. We have two brand new elements this year. The first is Fright Nights TV where everyone will get their 60 seconds of fame. The other is our Monster Bash Costume Party with over $1,000 in prizes! This is going to be our biggest year ever!”

So come on down, join in on the tricks and treats during this most mischievous time of year and blur the line between what you know is real and what you hope is not..

For more information, and to view videos/photos from past years’ Fright Nights visit: or Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays October 10-26 Monster Bash Costume Party October 27. $30 General Admission, $70 R.I.P Admission.
~Danielle DiSpigna