Published on August 11th, 2014


Erasure | Credit Joe Dilworth

Erasure | Credit Joe Dilworth

When you find yourself bathed in the lush synth wash of Future Island’s currently inescapable track, “Seasons (Waiting On You),” at a grocery store or whilst paying  for some of those burnt beans at Starbucks, you probably aren’t considering the song’s lineage. No, we’d wager you’re probably just singing-along in your head, or maybe contemplating those crazy dance moves the band’s frontman, Samuel Herring, did on Letterman to help earn the band it’s fleeting bit of the blogosphere’s attention.

However, if you’re an obsessive music dork like us, there is a chance you’re considering the resurgence of synth-pop as the form of the day — a resurgence we’re all watching happen before our very eyes with a new breakout artist popping up weekly with ear worms fueled by obscure oscillators and alternative keys. Subsequently, you might find yourself pondering how much better the synth-pop of the ‘80s was than what we’re dealing with at present. For example: Erasure.

Erasure — also known as the holy union of Andy Bell and Vince Clarke that occurred following Clarke’s departure from a primordial Depeche Mode — is perhaps the most criminally under-appreciated team of pop-minded synth smashers to come out of the ‘80s. Evidence enough is the material on the band’s breakthrough 1987 LP, The Circus, an album held in only the highest regard by the savviest fans of the period, and an album that boasted at least 3 tracks that might have been perennial favorites had they enjoyed the good fortune to be featured in the right ‘80s blockbuster (a la Simple Mind’s “Don’t You Forget About Me” or Berlin’sTake My Breath Away”). Truth be told, an alternate reality in which every millennial with cable might know all of the lyrics to “Don’t Dance” or “Victim of Love” is not that far-fetched.

Lucky for you, Erasure is still touring and will be giving you the opportunity to make up for lost time and/or reacquaint yourself with their music with a performance at Miami Beach’s stately Fillmore on September 12.

For those of you that haven’t been fortunate enough to enjoy a nostalgic act of this caliber in South Florida — home to maybe the most reverent dance music community in the country — the show will undoubtedly be a blast, if for the people watching alone.

AFTER PARTY INFO: Bring your ticket stub, for a 2-4-1 drink and enjoy Ordinary Boys (Smiths / Morrissey Tribute) at Kill Your Idol. No Cover!

~ David Von Bader