Dark Basel

Published on November 26th, 2017

Dark Basel

Local opinion of Art Basel varies, but with musical performances multiplying alongside the parties and installations, it’s welcome to see an industrial-tinged concert lineup casting a shadow across the glitz. Club Space’s new medium-sized venue, The Ground, hosts the aptly named and heavy-hitting Dark Basel, a co-op between Anti-Language Records and Too Much Love Magazine.

From the classic industrial metal of 3TƎETH, the surf-inclined dark wave of Vowws, and the modern New Wave synth pop of Bestial Mouths all representing L.A., to local favorites Astari Night and Sci-Fi Affair counter-programming sunny South Florida, Dark Basel promises a respite from the weeklong invasion of plasticine people.

3TƎETH’s newest album, “<shutdown.exe>” is the group’s sopho

3TEETH by Sebastian Dooris

more effort, and members Alexis Mincolla (vocals), Xavier Swafford (keys), Andrew Means (drums), and Chase Brawner (guitars) have grown considerably in the three years since their self-titled debut. High-profile tours with Tool, Primus and Rammstein have undoubtedly helped shape the tone of this record. The end result is a cohesive narrative in which the listener follows the process of rebooting and reformatting with plenty of social commentary thrown into the mix. Their single “Atrophy,” draws allegorical comparisons between politics and the complexities of S&M relationships.


Vowws have been making waves for a spell now and while they’ve ebbed and flowed through moments of darkness, it has been their surf-rock sensibilities that have propelled them into the forefront as a thoroughly enjoyable act. From collaborating with Gary Numan in 2015 to their upcoming album, “Under the World,” Vowws’ profile continues to grow with crossover appeal. Their hype single, “Forget Your Finery,” might be a call to arms against societal norms, but it is also a pleasurably danceable number.

Recalling the erotic exotic of Siouxsie Sioux, the angular moments of KUKL, and tribal digitization, Bestial Mouths is fueled by the engrossing silkiness of Lynette Cerezo’s voice — as at home over lushly produced soundscapes as it is guiding clean minimalism. She’s a banshee enchantress with soulful glow — a guiding light out of the morass and hubris this week in art has unfortunately come to be known for.

Dark Basel takes place December 2 at The Ground in Miami. thegroundmiami.com
~ Abel Folgar

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