The Casket Girls

Published on March 4th, 2014

The Casket Girls

A hauntingly sweet groove with a charismatic pop edge is the blend that was spun together when Ryan Graveface (Black Moth Super Rainbow, Graveface Records) met sisters Phaedra and Elsa Greene in Savannah, GA to form The Casket Girls. After quite literally stumbling upon each other, the trio’s first album Sleepwalking (2012) came together in a whirlwind of timing and chemistry. Elsa confirmed, saying “we wrote and compiled most of the lyrics and melodies all in a night.”

The girls carry the vocal lines most often times in tandem with each other, occasionally breaking away for a harmony, as they float right along with Graveface’s eerie electronic and fuzzy synth-filled backdrop. “We are continuously trying to become one with our instincts and not let our brains get in the way too much.”

The result? Raw, honest, and transparent lyrics, written by both Phaedra and Elsa, that seem to come from a dream world closely watched over by a darker spirit. “It’s Ryan’s music that dictates how all of these fragments will come together. We usually know instantly which words or ideas belong to each song he gives us. It makes song writing easy” says Elsa. “We also do a lot of dream work in an attempt to be better connected to the collective unconscious. Using our writings from our notebooks on dreams and other thoughts…we attempted to let Ryan’s beautiful musical landscapes allow us to escape our current realities to pioneer new frontiers.”

The trio toured with Sleepwalking and “through that touring process not only has our live show evolved and found its identity and rhythm, But I feel our sound as a band has evolved a lot” says Elsa.


Beginning a second tour with brand new album True Love Kills the Fairytale, released this past February, the Girls added a bassist to the roster, who Elsa excitedly reports is “Kim from Stargazer Lilies! So this frees Phaedra and I up for some surreal choreography.”

The Casket Girls launched their tour on Valentines Day in Atlanta and will be making their way South to Churchills in Miami on March 20. Judging by the coincidental patterns that have become synonymous with The Casket Girls, it figures their dark, love-gone-wrong melodies kick off on the day marked by an arrow plunging through a heart. When asked if this was a calculated choice or another divine coincidence, Phaedra responded, “Ha! Pretty sure it was a coincidence, although it definitely seems to say something about us now doesn’t it?”

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Sweat Records + M.O. Present the Miami stop on the GRAVEFACE ROADSHOW!

The Savannah-based label is bringing eerie pop trio THE CASKET GIRLS, (who opened for BMSR in October ’12), cosmic shoegazers THE STARGAZER LILLIES, and “murder folk/haunted country” act DREAMEND for a night of musical fun.

Tickets $8 advance via or at Sweat (cash only).

~ Danielle Romanowski